I think it should be rated R so we can see the honeymoon scenes and there "time alone". HELLO WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO SEE EDWARD NAKED?

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I think Breaking Dawn should be rated R!! The book explained the honeymoon scenaro that im sure had women everywhere droolin and panting with excitement for when the book becomes a movie. cuz who wouldnt want to see a naked edward biting pillows!! HOTT!! But anyway, If they dont then whats the point of making the movie. It's the only way to tell it correctly. Making it rated PG-13 is like Saying that breaking dawn doesnt exist!!
Stephenie Meyer was talented enough to capture the essence of exactly what we all knew that was going on without having to stoop to becoming smutty in her writing and I hope that the makers of the movie honor that and are creatively talented enough too to also accurately portray the emotion and passion of that part of the story without being too graphic. That would be staying true to the book. If you want more smut, I think this story is not really for you. Stephenie Meyer has obviously written a couple who have a much more highly emotional connection rather than a physical one. Granted, when it finally becomes physical I am sure it's intense, but their story isn't about that... Emmett and Rosalie's though, yeah. I'm sure there's fan fiction out there for that.
Breaking Dawn should definately be rated so that younger fans (& sorry if I offend some Twifans) cant see it. BD is my favourite of the series & in my opinion is not really directed at the younger readers. (I cant believe my cousin allowed her 11 year old to read it, sorry, Im not a prude but my daughter wouldnt be reading it at that age!) If they are going to keep the movie true to the book it will be pretty full on, especially the honeymoon scenes & when Bella is turned into a Vamp & they move into the "cottage"... Besides, Rob/Edward in the raw BRING IT ON!!!!
(ps, fyi, by the time BD is out in the cinemas I'll nearly be 40! ARRRGGGHHH)(Wheres Edward when you need him?)
i agree with everyone. It has to be rated higher then the rest because of the content. The Honeymoon and Bella becoming a vampire are such big parts of the whole series it has to be done right, so maybe that's why there taking so long to green light Breaking Dawn.
After reading all 4 books we need our happy ending, the way it was written.
Defiantly"R". If you all out there like me not only should the Movie be "R" rated but I would just love to have the
books done with a WHOLE lot more descriptive detail in them too! Can you all Just imagine the way it would be the night Bella spends at the Cullen House with Edward in that lovely big bed he buys for her ??????????
I go all tingly just thinking of it.
Hang On, How about Jacob? can you imagine having the intensity of his love described with a little more ??????
His dark intense eye's staring into Bella's and so .
what I dont get is how people are going on and on about the sexual scenes and the young girls seeing it, but THEY'VE ALREADY READ IT....LOTS OF TIMES.... If they stay true to the book it'll be fine, and it doesnt have to be rated R. There's a lot of kissing in Eclipse book, I hope it gets to the movie, but melissa rosenburg said once that she didnt want it to be rated R.....lots of kissing should be fine for PG-13......Young girls are more saavy than you think!!
i dont know. which ever would let me get in without my rental. or someone elce. THAT WOUND SO NOT BE OK IF I HAVE TO GO WITH SOMEONE WHOS OLDER ) : should b PG 13 cuz im not even 13 yet an i wanna c breaking dawn b4 in 18! HAHAHA but if im 18 or older..i think it should b R all da waaaay haaaa
How about this? Film and release at PG13. but film the more sexy scenes and put them in the DVD when it goes on sale, you can buy the pg13 or the R.....

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