from Edward's point of view? I do after reading what Stephenie had on her website for Midnight Sun (I felt like a peeping tom reading it before published) I think every book could be written from his point of view. I thought it was fascinating and couldn't put my computer down. Thoughts from the other vampires?????

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I want it so badly to read the rest of Midnight Sun and it'd be so fascinating to read whole series from Edward's point of view :) Fortunately, Stephenie said she'd consider writing/publishing Midnight Sun some day :P
"She has not yet finished writing it (and there is no timeline set up, so we all need to put a lot of effort into being patient for a while longer), but she is definitely still planning on having it published."<----after
def make me happy to ge to keep reading it grins mind u i like to keep going find out what would happen after breaking dawn

i was rather annoyed to see the words "The End" on the last page a laughable thought since there immortal and i was heard broken when we ran out of pages sighs

i love to read from his pov
I hope she does but she said shes not even finishing midnight sun until all the hype for the saga dies down (so after breaking dawn has been out on DVD for a while most likely). buti cant wait so i am acttually on chapter 4 of my fan fiction book FALLING STAR (edwards sees bella as his falling star when he is told that she jumped off the cliff) which is new moon from edwards point of view. and since robert likes reading fan fiction hes getting the second copy when its done (obviously im sending stephanie the first). though my writing is NO substitute for hers.
I definitly think that Stephanie could write all the books from Edward's point of view lol It would be very interesting
I think they should do books in each of the Cullen's point of view. Or maybe just have books dedicated to each of them. Alice would be really interesting to read about!!!
I think Stephanie Meyer could perfectly do each book from Edward point of view... it'd be very interesting, And all Twilight fans will love it, I wish Stephanie do it,.... even when she said she's not... but I wish that...
yeah i definitely think she could, she is an amazing author. it would be amazing to see the books from his point of view.
i really want her to make the fourth books in edward point of view cuz its completely different from bella's he struggles with more interesting personal issue sit makes him more understandable and we understand more things about him and some stuff that before werent clear ^^
i agree completley edwards point of view would be awome they would be way more popular then the originals . it would be so tortured and deep and romantic. especially new moon when he has to leave her hoe did he feel . and what went through his head when jasper attacks bella or when they kiss for the first time when he ask bella to marry him and when they are at the alter but the most important is when nessie is born.
I really hope they would.
But because Midnight Sun was illegally posted on internet. :(
I hope she would write it for all 4 of the books. ;)
Yes i hope they do




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