sorry about the question but i have the curiosity to know..
Do you think vampires have sex? and if they do it how because i thought vampires can't feel like humans... but anyways what you think?

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Yea.They can =].

If you're talking 'bout Twilight,i supose u already read BD and u know that they can.

And ..well,the other vampires ...don't know.I don't think.It seems like they don't have that "need".Saw it in a tv show =].

But on the internet,those who claim that they are vampires say that they have sex and have human habits and all of that stuff that we do.can surf the net if u want to know more :)),just sayin'.[i don't think those are like...true vamps]

@mady thanks for your answer but im talking about sex between a vampire and other vampire not human and vampire.. thats my curiosity but anyways thanks for that! :)

yea they do remember in BD emmett and rosalie did it so many times( when they first got together). in the book esme made them a house but they keeped on destroying it. XD

of course they have sex because they feeler than us(humans)..they can know what someone are thinikng..their all talentes are very miracle and powerful unknown on the other hand their abilities seems to be simple according to you think?
Ya? Did you read Breaking Dawn?
@Teamedwardforever no i haven't read it yet.. thats why im asking
thanks Lin but im not following vampire folklore im talking bout twilight
Just read Breaking Dawn and you will have your answer :-)
I do think that...
even though i think is like nothing like the humans.
didnt you ever see Bram Stoker's Dracula? Interview with the Vampire? Once Bitten? every other vamp movie but twilight? vampires are VERY sexual that is why everyone laughs about nonsexual vamps in twilight. i know what u are trying to ask tho but u cant overthink it- lots of contradictions... just kno that they can.

Here's an answer from Stephenie Meyer herself.


Q. Can vampires have sex?


A. Yes. Don’t think I haven’t put a lot of thought into this one. I’m not going to get technical, but rest assured, it is entirely possible.



Got it from Personal Correspondence #6 on Twilight Lexicon.


If you haven't yet go & read the others they have. You'll learn some fun & new stuff! (Keep in mind they are from 2006 so they're kind of old now.)

ya..they can of course..didnt u read the book?...breakingdawn?

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