Dp you think Eclipse is going to be better than New Moon?

Hey Twifans just wondering what do you think, do you think Eclipse is going to be better than New Moon?

In my personal opinion I think Eclipse will be better than New Moon as by having David Slade as the director its made the film much darker and deeper. The love triangle between Bella, Edward & Jacob becomes more prominent causing Bella to choose either to run with the werewolves or with vampires.

Also the film has much more action and my fave part is in it, when Bella finally agrees to marry Edward <----- Lucky B****!

We've all watched the developement of the characters may it be Jaspers hair or Jacobs wig tghey've all changed in a good way and have improved with the acting skill and thats what makes these movies all the better for us

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i think eclipse bcuz

1) edward is in eclipse more than in new moon
2) david slade is the director
3) since david is the director the funny and romantic scenes will b better bcuz hes a dark director
4) edwards in it so that means it will b better
Way betyter. The book is way better, no matter who the director is they have incredible material to work with.
Eclipse will be better in someways, but in others it will be worst....

*Edward appears more
*Bella agrees to marry Edward
*Jasper has a big role
*Alice makes the party

*David Slade is the director
*Bella Kisses Jake
*Edward doesn't kill Jake when Jake kissed Bella
*Bella realizes she love Jacob too..
Yes! It's the best book with the most story in it. Romance & Action. From the looks of it they pumped up the action even more. David Slade as a director fits this particular book very well.He wouldn't have been a good pick for Twilight but for Eclipse, he's excellent.
Yes plus edward is in it more yay!!!! :)
no not better.. as both movies/book are totally different.. eclipse is my 2nd fav and like someone said edward is in it more and we see more of the tension between the three. I am looking forward to it more but i think chris did a fantastic job on new moon
eclipes is gonna be way better then new moon i dont no how much better but it will be better
Oh yeah I' m sure the movie will be better than the others for all the reasons, besides its getting more passionate ,affection ,compromise,friendship.......that means for me a great love story
eclipse is going to be awsome! but new moon will alwats be the best movie because jacob becomes a werewolve! im a edward fan but he is hella second
Good Things:

1) Edward gets into a huge fight with Jacob
2) Jacob and Edward suddenly unite to stop Victoria
3) There is a HUGE war.
4) David Slade, director of The Golden Compass is making it more dramatic and a cliffhanger.
5) Edward and Bella kiss a lot more
6) The girl who plays Leah is supposed to be really good.
7) Bree (Jodelle Ferland) is in it and she really understands the concept of the movie and books
8) Its a cliff hanger for Breaking Dawn (which comes out in November 18, 2011)
9) Bella gets closer and closer to being a vampire
10) A new coven (Victoria's Army)


1) Jacob kisses Bella
2) Jacob sleeps with Bella alone in the tent
3) Bella is way too warm because of Jacob when he is sleeping with her
4) Bella wants to kiss Jacob and it turns into a make out
5) Jacob forces Bella to kiss him the 2nd time in Eclipse
6) Bella feels like she wants to commit suicide after the huge kiss with Jacob
7) Bree gets killed, sacrificed for nothing
8) Bree does not want to be a vampire...she is thirsty for Bella and misses her family
9) Riley dies (I like Riley!!)
10) Victoria lies to Riley
Most definitely it will be better.. there is so much more story going on in Eclipse.. more action.. and a better DIRECTOR.. just like think Breaking Dawn will be the BEST if its done right.
uh-huh Eclipse will be so much better you won't have to hear Bella dreding over not being able to be with edward...

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