Chapter 1-Family


The outburst of loud, carefree laughter woke Renesmee suddenly from the depths of her stolen slumber.  She sighed heavily.  Sometimes she really disliked the fact that she was the only person in the family that needed or could sleep.  She proferred it when Jacob Black, her best friend and boy friend, was allowed to stay the night.


But that was hardly ever.  Her father, Edward Cullen, would have to be in an extremely good mood for the chances to be anywhere near good enough for him to even consider it, let alone for him to say yes.  More often than usual, had Edward started to make his feelings show, towards his only daughter's and his wife's best friend's realtionship.


She stomped down stairs, only pausing to shrug her black silk dressing gown over her shoulders.  Her Aunt Alice would only allow her to wear the very best of clothes.  To Renesmee, clothes were just a necessity, not really a luxury.  She didn't care what she looked like, as long it was half-decent, and suitable to the appropriate occasion. 


She located the source to all of the noise, which was the lounge, and pushed the door wide revealing her large and very noisy, family; her mother, Bella, her father, Edward, her Aunt Alice and Aunt Rosalie, her Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett, and her Nanna Esme, and her Grandpa Carlisle.


Chapter 2-Laughter


Bella sat with nearly all of her family in the lounge of the Cullen family household.  They were all sitting around, just chatting away.  Bella was quite content, sat there in Edward's arms.  Every now and then he would lift his firm, gentle fingers, and brush them along her cheek, or tuck a few escaped strands of hair behind her ear.  This had becom a second nature to them both.  The atmosphere was very relaxed and laid back.  Alice's sharp voice cut through Bella's daydream. 


"Hey Bella! Bella! Hello? Over her!" Alice was sat over the other side of the room, leaning against Jasper.


"What is it Alice?" Bella enquired, staring over at her sister-in-law, and one of her best girl-friends.


"Remember what we were meant to do yesterday?  And also the thing you've managed to put off for nearly a month?"


Bella nodded grimly at the memory of yesterday's heated conversation.  One that had also been repeated over the past 4 weeks aswell.


"Well, guess what!  It's gonna happen today whether you like it or not, beacuse i foresaw it this very morning!" Alice replied, ever so casually, but with a triumphant smile on her face.  Bella groaned loudly.  The whole family burst into laughter, Emmett clearly the loudest, as they all knew of Bella's strong hatred towards Alice's makeovers. 


If Bella had still been human, her cheeks would be bright red, and her heart would be thundering like a steam train in her chest.  But yet again, her immortal body showed no sign of imperfections.  Bella was about to retaliate when the lounge door was pushed open, by her sleep-looking, bed-headed daughter, Renesmee, who was stood there in her red cotton pyjamas and her black silky dressing gown.


Chapter 3-Nightmares


Renesmee wandered into the lounge, sleep clouding her eyes, amidst jumbled good mornngs from her  family.  She plonked herself down onto the sofa, inbetween her mother and father.  Bella wrapped her arms around her daughter and whispered in her ear "Morning darling. Sleep well?"


Nessie shrugged her shoulders. "Sort of.  I keep getting them nightmares, they woke me up last night.  But I was fine after i went back to sleep, so you don't worry"  she leaned her head against her mom's shoulder, her reddish-bronze, curly hair all over the place. 


Edward who had been listening to his daughter closely, asked, "What were they about this time?"


In answer, Renesmee picked up her mom's hand from her lap, and then proceeded to fix her father with a deep look of concentration.  She had lifted her mom's hand so that she could see the dream's too, as Renesmee had her own special way of communicating with others.  She was able to show people her own memories and thoughts, so that the person could see the vision in their head as if it were their own.  Edward being the mind reader that he was, could serach Renesmee's thoughts himself, so their was no need for physical contact between the father and daughter.  Once again Bella and Edward the nightmare that had haunted their daughter's dreams for the past few weeks. 


Renesmee was walking through woods at night, dark shadows moving around her.  Still Renesmee would walk on, undistracted by them.  She continued through the forest until the sun rose above her, and then she reached a small clearing in the closely-packed trees. Beyond the clearing was the sparkling blue ocean, white-capped waves scattered as far as the eye could see.  The air was still, no breeze, as Renesmee approached the edge of the tide.  Suddenly, as she came quite close to it, she realised there was a massive drop between herself and the sea.  She was stood at the edge of a cliff.  *snap*.  A twig broke in half amongst the woods behind her.  Renesmee spun on her heel, her eyes frantically searching the trees for an approaching stranger, her cheeks flushed pink, her pulse racing.  But she could see no-one.  She took a deep, calming breath, and began to turn back to the waters beneath her.  Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a dark figure spritn from the trees towards her.  Renesmee turned, but wasn't quick enough.  The unknown stranger ran full pelt towards her, with outstretched arms.  The stranger's hands made contact with her shoulders and Renesmee was falling backwards off of the cliff.  Before she hit the waves, Renesmee caught a quick glimpse of her attacker.  With a sharp yank of recognition, Renesmee realised who the attacker was.  As Renesmee Carlie Cullen fell to her death, she stared into the dark brown eyes above her.  Renesmee hit the water withan almighty splash, and still her gaze was fixed at the top of the cliff.  The figure on the cliff turned away from the prepice and slowly walked away.  She let out a sigh, and pushed her long bronze ringlets out of her eyes and continued towards the trees,  Only one person Renesmee knew had chocolate brown eyes and bronze ringlets to just above their waist,  and she saw her every time she looked in the was her.


Chapter 4-Mindreader


Edward and Bella exchanged worried glances over the top of Renesmee's head.  They both wanted to know what was causing the dreams that were constantly worrying their daughter. 


Renesmee looked at her parent's face's and groaned inwardly.  She didn't like it when they worried about her so much.  Because of the fact that she was an only child, she was spoiled rotten by her whole family, which wasn't all bad, but with that came the problem of her freedom.  They rarely let her out of their sight.  The only other place that she was allowed to go without her parents was her Grandpa Charlie's house, and even that was getting quite boring after nearly 16 years of going there to get out of the house. 


Edward squeezed Nessie's shoulders and said "Please don't stress yourself out about this. We will get to the bottom of it".  She nodded and Edward gave her a hug. 


Suddenly, from across the room, Alice cried out, "No! Ugh. Today's schedule has completely disapeared. What has he done now?".  Edward's grip tightened around Nessie's shoulders as he read his sister's mind. 


"What? What did you see Alice?"  Bella asked, who was now thoroughly confused.  Just as Alice opened her mouth to answer, the front door opened, and with it came a voice, which echoed through the empty hallway, towards the lounge.


"Hey guys, where are you?"


Nessie called out "Jake! We're in the lounge. Come through!"  She made to stand up, but Edward pulled her back to sit next to him.  Renesmee stared at her dad questionably , wondering why he was acting so strange.  As Jacob's footsteps came closer to the lounge door, Edward's face became more and more angry, as he read Jake's mind.  Renesmee continued to stare at him, thoughts rushing through her head. 


Jacob came through the door with a cheery "Hey guys!  What are you all up to?" he glanced around at them all when nobody answered him. 


He opened his mouth to ask what was wrong, when Edward growled "How dare you!"


Jacob met his eyes and shrank back towards the door, realising what had happened.  The rest of the Cullens stared back and forth between the two.  They all wondered what was wrong.


Chapter 5 - Arguments


"Get out of this house now!" Edward roared, leaping up from the sofa.  Renesmee, who Edward had still been holding, fell of the sofa and onto the floor.


"Edward, just calm down.  Jacob can't have done anything that bad." Carlisle approached Edward from behind and spoke to his son in a soothing voice. 


From her position on the floor, Renesmee eyed her Uncle Jasper meaningfully, and then calm swept through the room, taking Edward's anger with it, for now anyway.  Jacob walked the last few steps over to Renesmee, gripped her under the arms, and lifted her onto her feet.  He then stepped away from her, his eyes remaining locked on Edward's.


"Look, I'm sorry ok-" Jacob began to apologise but was interupted by Rosalie who asked,

"Can someone please explain what he did?" Everybody turned their gaze towards Edward and waited for an answer.


He curled his hands into fists and said "Last week, when he took Renesmee to see Charlie, he didn't.  He took her to Seattle instead." His voice trembled with anger, which threatened to morph onto a yell at any given moment.


"But Edward, Charlie rang after Nessie came back and told us they'd just left!" Bella exclaimed, refusing to believe that her best friend had betrayed her trust like that.  Jacob knew how important Nessie was to them.  He wouldn't dare to put her in that much danger. 


"Bells, we did go to Charlie's, but he saw how unhappy Nessie was and practically forced us back out of the door.  He said he'd cover for us." Jacob cut across what Edward was about to say and explained to Bella instead.  Bella just sat there and stared at Jacob, fury blazing in her eyes. 


"That still doesn't give you the opportunity to to abuse our trust for you!  We had faith in you and you've blown it!" Alice had joined in now. 


Esme , who'd been watching Renesmee closely, stood up and said "Nessie, do you want to come with me for a minute?" Nessie nodded blankly staring at the floor.  Esme towards her grandaughter, took her arm and led her out of the room.  Emmett and Carlisle followed close behind.  Jacob watched them until they were out of the door, then took a deep breath and turned to face the rest of the room. 


Nessie followed Esme upstairs, to the farthest place away from the living room, but it still didn't mask the yells echoing from downstairs.




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Okay, I can't wait for your next chapters, this stuff is good.

Jenny said:
this is so cool you are such an amazing writer!

Rachel "Renesmee" Black said:
Note. . . I am so sorry!!!! i cannot believe i hav left it this long to post the next chapter. i guess life gets in the way sumtimes without you even noticing it. hope u like it guys. . .and don't forget to read and review! luv y'all, kisses.

Chapter 16 - Visitors

The sun rose above the horison, revealing Jacob in the same place he'd sat all night. No way was he leaving unill Nessie was all right again. He stood up and stretched, wondering if Edward would actually kill him if he tried to visit Ness without his permission. He decided that there would be no harm in trying to get in. Before he could change his mind, he strode purposefully up to the front door. Jacob listened but he couldn't hear anything. Then he froze.

He could hear a car turning off of the highway, onto the Cullen's drive. He ducked behind a giant oak as the car came into view. Jacob peeked around the branches, his heart in his mouth.

Who would be visiting the Cullen's when Nessie was like this? It definetly wasn't Charlie because Bella had phoned him after Renesmee had ran off, telling him they would be away on vacation, so he wouldn't keep bothering them.

Then Jacob thought, what if Bella's Mom had come to visit? No, surely she wouldn't. Ever since Bella had moved to Forks, the distance between the mother and daughter had increased, but not in just miles. After her wedding, Bella had only ever talked to her mother on the phone, but more recently, that had even stopped.

So if it wasn't Renee, who was it? The car had pulled up outside of the house bu now. It was a metallic red Saab, and it looked really expensive, as if the owner had remodelled it to his or hers own specifications. Jacob had never seen this car in his entire life, so he had no idea who was about to get out of it.

The engine was shut off and all four doors opened. The driver was a tall, black-haired man, dressed entirely in black, apart from his shirt. Black trousers, black waistcoat and tie, with a balck suit jacket to finish it off.

So sorry ran out of time!!! post more soon hopefully!! luv y'all!!! hugs xxx
this is so good keep it coming!
first off guys i love you all for reading my story!!! and for the comments,,, well lets just say i almost cried at some of them because they mean so much. you may be sat there thinking that i'm really sad, but honestly. i think you can only understand if you have written a story yourself and for people who you don't even know to not only read it, but to enjoy it, comment to show their appreciation, and to want to read more, there is just no words to describe how it feels. so thanku so much and now i'll shut up and let you read the rest of chapter 16! i love y'all and want to be all your friends! hugs and kisses,,, enjoy!!!

Chapter 16 - Visitors (cntd)

The front passeger was somebody Jacob recognised. It was Nahuel. With a jolt, Jacob realised that the driver must be Joham, Nahuel's father. Then 3 girls got out of the back of the Saab; Nahuel's sisters.

One was very tall and slim, with pale skin and jet-black hair, like her father. It framed her face in a neat bob, and her green eyes roved the front of the Cullen house. The next one was shorter, still slim but with curly honey coloured hair, down to her shoulders. She had a slight tan to her skin with rosy cheeks and baby blue eyes.

When Jacob glanced at the last girl, he did a double-take. He thought it was Nessie. It wasn't though. The same, almost waist length ringlets, the same chocolate-brown eyes, the same stature, the same shaped-face. But the bronze sheen was missing from her hair, her eyes weren't quite the same shape, and Jacob just knew that this wasn't the girl he had inprinted on. The centre of his universe was still in the bedroom upstairs.

After the Cullens' visitors had entered the gargantuan house, Jacob made up his mind. He would wait 20 minutes, then he would go and try to see Renesmee.

hope you liked it guys! hugs =) =) =) x x x

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