Well everyone I have finally gotten book three today. I am so happy! :)

I would like to know what you guys thought of Eclipse though as I will be reading it tonight.


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Ok I'm about halfway through I guess, Bellas room has been violated, and she's at the council meeting.

Lets get it on already! (Emmets spoiling for a fight ya know.;) :lol:
i loved it!! but my fave was breaking dawn.
Ok I have finished Eclipse.

Anyone up for discussing the book now? I tried to join the twi church to do so. But well I guess at over a hundred by just a few centuries I guess I am not old enough or something. :lol:

Perhaps they don't like my kind there....hmmm? ;)

To start with, I was most pleased and felt extremely gratified that Victoria has finally gotten what she deserved.

While reading the book for a second there I was afraid she might actually take Edward up on his offer and walk away. :lol:

Glad she didn't.

Oh by the way for those interested in such things, I ordered the boxed hardcover set today too. Got it cheap too. 40 Dollars U.S. I can't wait for them to arrive. I am going to be so happy to have the set in my own personal library forever.

Besides I was tired of waiting on the list at the library. The kids just don't read fast enough, and turn the books in fast enough for me. :lol:

So in a few days I'll be starting on Breaking dawn.
You will love it!! Like i said Breaking Dawn is my favorite book and I can't wait to see it turned into a movie. I am currently writing New Moon from Edward's point of view though of course my writing is just not the same as Stephenie's. I was so sad when i was done reading the books and i haven't felt like that about a book in a while, not since Eragon.
Eclipse was my least favorite, but you have to read it to really appreciate BD, which was great. I actually read Eclipse twice before I read BD (even though I started reading the series after all four books had been published) because I read Eclipse so quickly I knew there were little details I missed. And with Stephanie Meyers, the details are everything.
Well I got my boxed hardcover set. Now I am afraid to read them, don't want to mess them up. :lol:

I finished Eclipse, and am now about 2/3 of the way through BD. I must say Bella's change was not what I had expected. :lol:

Nessie is so lucky though. Imagine having a werewolf for a pet like that! Beats the dog I have hands down. :lol:

Maybe I should go hang out at one of the werewolf forums and see if I cant find one to imprint on me. :lol:

Marcus would have fits. :lol:
Ewww.... D really A dog?? Well if yo uare bringing a dog around our coven you better take lots of showers so me and jordan don't have to smell you! LOL. L=
make sure it takes lots of baths too.
I think so far Eclipse has to be my favorite book....
New Moon and Eclipse is my fav books out of the series =) There awesome!

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