Ok, so not even the words I loved Eclipse can express how I felt about this movie. Good, Cold. Great, Getting Warm. Amazing, Alittle Warmer. Fantastic. DING DING DING. Think of all the words that words that can describe how WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC this movie is and you will be right on point.


Where do I begin.. ok lets first start off with the Director, David Slade. Can I just say he upped the cool factor of this movie x10 with just the camera change alone. I never realized how "made for TV Movie" Twilight & New Moon looked until David Slade directed Eclipse. I was like hell yea, now this feels like a movie!


Then the acting on actor's part improved vastly! Though Jacob was a bit of a DRAMA QUEEN @ times, Taylor Lautner actually showed some good depth in emotion. Bella and Edward, well as always they are sexy and so in love. It feels like even though Eclipse is the crossroad so to speak of where their relationship, they've never loved each more. Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's on screen chemistry is no more undeniable then their off screen chemistry.  Riley, oh my god, Riley. Xavier Samuel was outstanding! I was so friggin amped that they decided to touch quite a bit the chaos in Seattle. Speaking of Seattle, the vengeful creator of the Newborns, Victoria. Gorgeous! Bryce Howard rose to the occassion, not that I had any doubt. She certainly showed all you HATERS who swore the only Victoria was Rachelle LeFevre. Bryce was beautifully seductive, sensous, feminine, and boy oh boy was she sadistic when she charged at Edward!


Rosalie was another who amazed me. Her character really softened up and I liked it. But most of all, the one who showed the most improvement was Jasper. Jackson Rathbone is both sexy and mysterious looking. The way he raises his eyebrows and displays that gorgeous crooked smile. Then when he speaks.. out comes this subtle but delicious Southern draw. I was most happy that they took some time to portray Jasper's story, because he was so an on the bench character in the first two movies, that when his storyline got more intense, I was like they better show this in the movie.


The one and probably the only thing I was a little bummed about was how small Bree Tanner's role was. I mean how much smaller could you get an already small role. I think they could have done a bit more with Bree like they did with Riley.


Ok, enough of my gushing.. Tell me your thoughts.. if you want.. if not .. its all GOOD! Like on Thanksgiving.. this girl is going for seconds, of the movie of course.. Maybe even thirds, forths, fifths.. LOL!

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I didnt like it so much :C they need more Jacob and Bella scenes

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