Eclipse.. Ok who was mad that Jacob Kind of Forced himself on Bella

I finished the 3rd one WOOT WOOT, but......i was kind of mad at Jacob for guilt trippin bella into kissing him.....that kind of made me a little...wait no....A LOT im the only one that thinks this?!?!?!?!?!?

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I was pissed when he kissed her but loved the part were she called him an OBNOXIOUS DOG & punched him in the face. I felt bad for Bella when she broke her hand, but loved it when she called Edward. Then when he came in & threatened or should I sat warned Jacob that if he ever kissed Bella again that he would break his jaw for her & then the part where he told him he would be running with 3 legs instead of 4, I was laughing my head off! I couldn't stop reading that part. =0)
It bothered me, too. I think Bella should have kneed him in the nuts--he was acting like a d***, and that's where she should have kneed him. And she wouldn't have broken her hand, either.****

Bella didn't need Robert to chime in--Jacob insulted her, and it's her job to deal with it.

I wonder if his shape-shifter changes made him more sexually aggressive? It was still in the beginning for him, and he may have not had the shifter wisdom yet to deal with it.

****When I was in Australia there was an article in the paper about a granny who was staying with her duaghter for awhile. One night a man broke in the house, and he grabbed granny, and she kneed him in the nuts. She had a titanium artificial knee, too, so she REALLY screwed him up.
lol my friends told me i smile when i read and it was during the last few pages of eclipse. i always smile when i read twilight though. i totes agree with u though

Laneisha C NeChelle said:
ok at first when he kissed her iwas mad as S*** but then when she punched him but then broke her own hand i was mad as F***. then let him drive her home. no no. THEN EDWARD CAME. man. on the phone all she could hear was the engin speeding up. that was hilarious. then he started threatin. i almost died. i was hopin he did break his jaw. then i was mad at charlie. i was i class and i was smillin so much i got in trouble. then the 2 time i was pissed at bella for fallin for it.
Hell no i think it was
wrong? - yehh defo
Funny?- hell yeah
Yeah I didn't like that part's like if you REALLY loved her like you think you do you wouldn't of done more like Edward....(sigh)
The dirty rotten mongrel. He needed a lesson in manners. lol
'i punched a werewolf on the face'..................
at first when he kissed her it was sooo funny, the whole Bella's reaction and then Edward's *sigh* warnings - i so love that part! - made Edward look sexier than he is (i know, impossible!)
but then when he kissed her again and she kissed him back i was so mad that i wanted to go and slap her! God i still can't get over it! and Jacob..oh i hated him so much then, why in the hell he did that? really, what was the point, he knew that she would stay with Edward anyway.. it was wrong to force her, if he loved Bella he wouldn't do that, he looked so weak and immature... you see, that's the big difference between him and EDWARD!
it drives me nuts! he thinks he can do and have anything that he wants! jacob annoys me!
Me too!Edward so have broke up wit bella and killed jacob!!!!!
i was horrified and when she punched hi the first time he did it i was like HELL YEAHHH!!! then edward has a go at him:L:L but the 2nd time when she let him i was like :O NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! i was so upset with her:(

NO, i thought it was so mean, because he was forcing her to decide between friendship and true love!!!

and he was also trying to break the bond between her and edward !!! DX !!! ( which is impossible ) !!! XD !!!

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