Eclipse.. Ok who was mad that Jacob Kind of Forced himself on Bella

I finished the 3rd one WOOT WOOT, but......i was kind of mad at Jacob for guilt trippin bella into kissing him.....that kind of made me a little...wait no....A LOT im the only one that thinks this?!?!?!?!?!?

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yeah when he kissed bella i was so angry and then when she hit him
and edward was threatening him, i was like f*** yeah !
i was so mad when jacob forced himself on bella that so made him into a sexist pig
I was so pissed off. I think I called Jacob a j****** for most of the book. When Edward threatened him I was laughing my head off! I couldn't stop reading that part. I still wish Edward would have made him run on 3 legs and not 4.
ok at first when he kissed her iwas mad as S*** but then when she punched him but then broke her own hand i was mad as F***. then let him drive her home. no no. THEN EDWARD CAME. man. on the phone all she could hear was the engin speeding up. that was hilarious. then he started threatin. i almost died. i was hopin he did break his jaw. then i was mad at charlie. i was i class and i was smillin so much i got in trouble. then the 2 time i was pissed at bella for fallin for it.
maybe thats why we like this so much because its so emotional ... I was so mad and then I looked at jpov he was so in love with bella its the only way he could try to win her which was a lost cause befor it even started...edward read his mind and knows what hes up to...its hard to be mad at bella because of who bella is....she just never set him strait because she didn't want to hurt him or loose her friend and she wanted him to be happy..... what a thinkin when i read this............:)
i was pretty pissed off at this to..gotta say..but it what helped make the
Not really,lol.
It was a stupid thing to do,obviously. But,It's not like I was cussing all over the place when I read that part.
I just loved the part were she called him an obnoxious dog & punched him in the face :D
Jake was fighting a loosing battle in Eclipse and he was using all he had. The thing we have to remember is Jake is younger than Bella and Edward and he didn't really know what else to do. I was pissed when he kissed her but loved it when she hit him. The best part to me was the Fire and Ice chapter when Edward and Jake talked and he saw that he had to bow out of this kiddy battle over Bella. He did not love her or could not love her the way Edward did.
Yeah man thats just manipulation
he shouldnt do that you should have seen my face when i read that part
Wait, which part??? The part when she punched him or the part when she kissed him back???
the first time it hapened i said it is not ok but it is smth we or at least i was expectig.but the 2nd silly blackmailing kiss....geezzz...what was that dog thinkin 'bout????\even if i like jake\!
yeah. the second kiss ...i was speechless!!!!! i knew she was gonna kiss him back!!!!!!!! Its that relationship!!!!!lol

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