If you have seen it please tell me: what was your favourite seen? Was there something that you missed and was there some new scenes that you really liked?

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Proposal seen.
All in all I would say it was the best movie yet. There were two scenes with Bella that she was pushing Edward a way that shoud not have been done like that. I have NO Idea why they changed the MT fight scene to have Bella stabb herself, when she never did in the book. I think that the movies chang Edward to be less than he was in the books. I don't know why they do it, He realy is so much more.... Maybe they think that makes him more relatable for us, but that is the point of Edward, he is so perfect that he transends anything human, and comes out on top every time.
I saw it in a marathon where we saw Twilight and New Moon just before Eclipse at 1201a. The most impressive thing I can say is that I did not feel tired even though I worked a 8 hr shift that day and went straight to the theater! It took seven hours but I was so glad I did because I had never seen the first movie on the big screen. You can really see the progression in all the actors from 2008 until now. My favorite was the Tent Scene. I was most suprised by how much better Jasper was than in the other movies. Best movie in the series by far!

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