What happend to all of the team edward people?! Since Jacob flashed his abs in new moon, everything changed! It's very frustrating to see everyone switching teams so fast! Am I the only team Edward member out there?!

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Team Edward... Dont judge a book by its cover, its whats inside that counts!
team Edward all the way! jacob annoys me. i think he became even more annoying after he became a werewolf. Edward and Bella 4 ever!
I am so team Edward what's not to ♥ !!!!!!
I am still team edward no matter because I know he will stay with bella 4ever
I feel empathy for you. :(
Jacob is nothing but a mutt.
I'm glad someone is on Team Edward :D
Are you joking? Everyone shoul he on team Edward! Team Edward all the way!!!!
I m always team EDWARD. Jacob's moonlight wont shine down the star's shunning light. Jacob is a hopeless annoying extra fitting which Meyer should never have brought in.
Team Edward always ....NM I was Stilll Rockin with Team Edward + Jacob annoys me
Team Jacob??? What about you're talking?!! He is a disgusting little dog...
The whole story is about Edward, in fact, about vampires and their feellings. This dog is an absurd mistake, may be he was need 4 Renesmee, like her toy.
So team Edward 4ever!
TEAM EDWARD!!! All the way. When I heard that Twilight was coming out and everyone was making this "BIG DEAL" about Edward. I was like, was is so special about him. Well it took me one time to watch Twilight and I got the "BIG DEAL". When you look at him, your heart melts, you smile from the inside out. I know this sounds horrible, just its true. The way he talks, the way he walks, the way he smiles, the way he does everything is just graceful. Jacob doesn't have this. He just has abs. There's more to a man than abs. "His soul". Edward may have a lifeless soul, but believe me he is loving and caring. When you look at him you see it.
I'm still team Edward... Jacobs abbs didn't change that....
i have no idea who team now! i need help! :)

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