Edward leaving Bella-One of the most anticipated scenes from New Moon. Now c'mon guys Are we gunna be taking a box of tissues to the theatres with us?

Now, I know MY answer and tbh If I don't cry-I'll definitely be disappointed but i'm sure it will cos rob and kristen's chemistry is just mind blowingly awesome. And if you don't cry-well you have no heart lolol joking. I even cried when it happened in the BOOK!!

Bring on the waterworks and leave your comments here please!!

Here's some Twilove for the Twifans TOO!!

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I will ball my eyes out all over my friends......I hope the movie dont like change things around to make it less sad, because that part right there is what makes it, and then we get into Jacob.....I really hope they keep it JUST JUST like the book.
I will cry when he leaves and (if it is a repeat if last night) cry when they reunite. I will also be slightly hysteric. That's what happened last night when I finished New Moon again.
I cried all the way through the second book, my husband made fun of me because every time I would pick it up I would be crying within a couple minutes. I think I'll have the tissues for my nose but I'm not worrying about the tears I'll wear them with pride :)
I'll prob be crying my eyes out before the scene even happens. Just knowing that its gonna happen will be enough for me! lol! My boyfriend is picking on me already. He had a total laughfest when he caught me crying over the book. It was pretty hilarious.
I will bring tissues, eye drops, nose cream, the whole bit! :) :P .
I will cry, but only because I'll be really upset. Edward chose the easy road out. It would have been better if he stayed and worked it out. This proves that he is only 17.
shoot..ill be balling my eyes out during this scene. it made me cry when i just read it in the book..so i ono whats gonna happen to me when i see it in the big screen hahaha
That is one of my favorite scenes in the book. I remember crying when I read it. I just felt all of Bella's pain that she went through. I just hope when I watch that scene I hope that I can feel that same emotion as I did when i read the book. if not they are in trouble.
Am defo taking tissus, Am soft an cry at anything so this scene should just turn the water works on. Hope they do too cos its dead sad that scene..
Oh yeah. Im so gonna cry, when I was reading New Moon I balled my eyes out. But it doesnt help when you are listening to that song on the Twilight soundtrack that goes "I found youuuu" It was SO sad. :(
i will probably cry at everything in the movie,
seriously whenever she heard his voice i was like in tears.
it was pretty emotional, i'll need two boxes of kleenex.
my heart literally broke when I read this part in the book!! so yes, we will need tissues fer surrre!!

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