Edward leaving Bella-One of the most anticipated scenes from New Moon. Now c'mon guys Are we gunna be taking a box of tissues to the theatres with us?

Now, I know MY answer and tbh If I don't cry-I'll definitely be disappointed but i'm sure it will cos rob and kristen's chemistry is just mind blowingly awesome. And if you don't cry-well you have no heart lolol joking. I even cried when it happened in the BOOK!!

Bring on the waterworks and leave your comments here please!!

Here's some Twilove for the Twifans TOO!!

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no but that is sad but she desrves it
i agree with below comments yes bring tissues!
and yes no white shirts eather.
black for me!!
well team alice top more likely
yes but bella deserves it!! she stole edward
oh i'll bring tissues
hahah i wil probs cryy
well i blubbed at the book too, i hope it does it justice in the film!
so ture im going to cry
It killed me when I read that part in the book so im a little worried about the waterworks that are gonna happen when I watch the movie and that's gonna be in public so its gonna be even worse but I hopefully won't be the only one.
i know he comes back and stuff but that's why i like jacob more, edward nearly broke her heart! He destroys all evidence that he ever existed, it's so sad - im definetly gonna be sobbing!
i'm wondering how they're going to scene the first part of new moon - i mean edward's physically absent for half of the book. i sure don't want him to be absent from the movie. that would definitely make me cry!
Oh yes the tissues will be at the ready, the book captures it amazingly so i think the film will live up to the expectations, i cried at the first film so can defo see me crying like a baby to this one. Totaly fantastic xxx
well i MIGHT get a little emotional but i wont bring tissues
ill use my friends sleeve =)
but seriously though
when i am typing this (right now) its 216 days away

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