Edward leaving Bella-One of the most anticipated scenes from New Moon. Now c'mon guys Are we gunna be taking a box of tissues to the theatres with us?

Now, I know MY answer and tbh If I don't cry-I'll definitely be disappointed but i'm sure it will cos rob and kristen's chemistry is just mind blowingly awesome. And if you don't cry-well you have no heart lolol joking. I even cried when it happened in the BOOK!!

Bring on the waterworks and leave your comments here please!!

Here's some Twilove for the Twifans TOO!!

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ya...he doo that:(...here is the link for listen Edward when leave Bella in New MoonX(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaB1XJC-N30&feature=related
omg im defff going to bring tissues. i bawl every time i read the part where her leaves
idk how theyre gonna play it out in the theater though
it better be good....
hahahaha yeahhh i cried in absolutely every book too
its just heartbreaking idkkk

Ayanna (Pattinson) said:
THANK YOU!!!! i am glad i am not the only one that was crying.All my friends thought i was CRAZY when i said i cried. Shoot , i cried in like every book. tears of love, joy, sadness, and every other emotion tht was forced on me by the mood of the story. but i wont bring tissues i will bring a ROLL OF TOILET PAPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will wear my tears proudly, I am sure it's going to be very heartbreaking and almost unbearable to watch Bella suffer and more- Us suffering for not seeing as much of Edward as we did in Twilight.
i will proudly cry @ that scene (if they don't mess it up) when i read that part in the book, i had 2 close the book 4 a while cuz my hands wouldnt stop shaking ..... i am pure switzerland on edward and jake ... but that part was just devastating .... so i'll also be cheering when edward comes back : ) ! ! !
Oh my god i was crying hysterically when I read that and so were all of my friends. I was reading it at school when he left and I started crying and everyone thought that I was really wierd except for my friends who were cryign to. Lol I am going to cry SO hard but I will be proud to cry because it is SUCH a sad part.
I will be bringing tissues and No make-up. Everytime I read New Moon over and over and over again I cry. I don't know how many times I've read New Moon. I lost count at 20....

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