Hey Twifans! I have been coming up with different types of discussions now and I have thought up something! Some of you will probably think it is ridiculous but i was just thinking... what if the entire Twilight Saga was filpped.  What  if instead of two guys fighting over Bella... What if Bella was fighting with some other girl/or vampire for Edward's heart? Would you still love it the way you do now?  I personally think it would be kind of cool to read everything in EDWARD"S perspective instead of Bella's...and Bella having to fight instead of Edward.  I don't know what made me think of that but I just wanted to know if you think that would be cool or not! Leave a comment below!!

~Kelly Cullen



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I would love to go inside Edward's head. :) And read all he's thoughts and hopes and so on....

I love Midnight Sun and i would love to read on the entire Saga from Edwards point if view!! Love you Robert Pattinson forever and always!! xxxxxxxxxxx

I think that Bella did fight for him, in her own immature high school way. Just because there isn't a second woman, doesn't mean that Edward didn't cause problems for her, both in Twilight and in New Moon, and force to admit again and again that she wants him, that she is willing to go through anything to be with him. In a way, she is the pursuer here, not him.

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