Okay this is my first fan fiction i've done so id really appreciate if you could let me know what you think :)

Chapter One;

The sunshine that hit her face made her more beautiful that I ever thought was possible. She smiles at me and took my hand. The touch of her was enough to send me into overactive happiness. “I love you Edward”. I smile as though I’ve never used the muscles in my mouth before. I never thought in my wildest dreams she would say this to me. “I love you too Bella, more than you know”. She leans up as I lean down towards her perfect lips. We’re just inches away from kissing ... BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! What the hell is that noise? It’s then that I wake up and realise my stupid alarm clock is going off. Damn just a dream. I thought it was too good to be true.

I slowly crawl out of bed away from the warmth of Bella’s touch. As I pull my fingers through my hair to wake myself up I feel the hand in my dream that belle had touched in my dream and it was still warm. I sighed to myself and went to get dressed ready for school. I slip on my usual, black jeans, top, converse and a jumper. Before I leave my bedroom I look out my bedroom to see the weather and find, as always it’s raining. Same old forks. I quickly glance in the mirror to make sure my hair looks just as messy as before I went to bed and then gather my books and head to voices in the kitchen downstairs.

Once I’m in the kitchen, Esme hands me my breakfast and I find my family minus Carlisle. Carlisle is a doctor at the hospital in Forks, he seems to spend most of his time there but when he’s not there, he’s with my mum, Esme. She’s the best anyone could ask for, Me and Emmett’s parents were killed in a car accident when we were little so I never really got to know them. Emmett’s the older one out of us two. He’s in his senior year at Forks, and is huge. He’s the muscle of the family, he looks like our dad. Brown hair, topaz eyes. My other brother Jasper came into our family when I was 10 and Emmett was 11. He never told us what happened to them, just that it was the worst thing that could have happened to him but he’s glad he’s got us to look out for him. Jasper’s got butterscotch eyes and a honey tones to his hair. He’s taller than me, but shorter than jasper. And then there’s me, I’m in the same year as me, we’re both juniors.

“Edward, really do you have to school with your hair like that”
“Mum, I told you. I like it this way, plus the girls really dig a guy with messy hair”.
“How would you know Edward, you’ve never dated anyone in your life before”. My brother Jasper just has to bring up.
“Jaspers got a point Edward, is there something you want to tell us”. Emmet has to joke about this, it’s not that I don’t mind Emmett’s jokes it just whenever I’m the topic they are always about my non-existent love and sex life. Emmett’s been dating Rosalie, and according to him she’s the hottest girl at our school. She’s blonde haired, blue eyes, that kind-of girl. To be honest I don’t think she’s that pretty to be honest. I just think she’s tries too hard, but she and Emmett are crazy in love and I’m jealous.
“Now, now boys leave Edward alone; he just hasn’t found the right girl yet. Right, off to school now. Your father will be back from work when your home. Have a nice day boys”. Esme kissed each one of us in turn and then we were out the door and heading to the garage. The one perks to school is I get to drive my car. My silver Volvo, my pride and joy. I hoped our drive to school would be quite for a change but as always I’m wrong.
“Yes Emmett”. I sighed.
“do you really like girls or are you just hiding the fact that you too scared to come out the closet”. God I hate him sometimes.
“No Emmett, for the last time I am not gay I am straight!”
“Oh good, so ... anyone who takes your eye”.

I was definitely not going to tell my brother about the fact that I am completely head over heels in love with someone and the girl that I’m in love with is Bella Swan. The moment I saw her enter my biology class that was it. She’s got the biggest and most beautiful chocolate brown eyes which you could just lose yourself in, perfect hair, perfect face, amazing body. And her personality, she quite literally lights up the room and her laugh, when she laughs it’s like music to my ears. You may be wondering 'why is this such a big problem', 'if you love her, go get her right?' Wrong. I can’t be in love with Bella. The reason why. Bella just happens to be going out with none other than my adoptive brother Jasper.

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aww this is cute!
i cant wait for him to fight for bella :)
Love it!!!
More please :D
and please would you email me when the next chapter is up :D x x x x x x
didn't see that coming
continue plz :)
so are they like human or what ?? like the story so far just wondering
This is really good.
I can't believe about the Jasper dating Bella thing though, difinatly did not see that one coming!
Keep writing. And please will you email when the next chapter is up : ) x
WOW I really didn't expect that and well you're a good writer but Wow !!!
keep writing please !!

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