Fair Weather Friends (Roleplay: Serious Roleplayers Only!)

(Okay, since I couldn't see any roleplays, I decided to start one! Quick note: This is an Alternate Universe Roleplay. That means the characters are there, but no books happen. There is no Bella in this RP, so that means no Renesmee. Sorry, but that's how I roll!)

It was a stormy night in Forks, Washington as Sereen ran silently yet quickly through the woods. Only one thought dominated her mind: survival. She was being chased by a gigantic wolf-thing, and she knew it was going to try and kill her. Years of being Volturi had reinforced that into her mind. Except, within the castle walls, she was the predator, not the prey. Of course, nobody except the close members of the guard and her family-- the leaders --knew about her existence.

Sereen was pulled out of her thoughts by the sound of a creek, softly rushing through the woods. She raced even faster towards the source of the sound and saw bright lights of a mansion just beyond the tree line. She heard the beast chasing her growl in frustration and suddenly turn around, running in the direction he had come from. Sereen paused for a moment to make sure that the coast was clear, before lifting up the hem of her tattered gown and stepping gingerly into the cool water.

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