Falling for the crystal like vampire or the warm furry werewolf?

Edward, the handsome sparklie golden eyed ice cold blood - drinking vampire or Jacob, the warm muscular tan over - sized werewolf?

Who would you decide to rather spend the rest of your life with if you were Bella??

For me, I would go with Jacob Black bcoz you don't have to change for him and you'll be protected and warm

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a hard decision, if you ask me ...
If I´d go with Edward, I could live for ever ... I like that idea adn be with him for eva ...
but on the other hand I´d like to be with Jacob, ´cause he is so warm and tan and like OMG!
hehe :)
it´s a tough decision, but I´m sure I´d go with jacob <3
ID ditch em both and steal jasper from alice
EDWARD!!! it would be awesome cause you would be together for eternity :D
Edward because u get 2 live 4 ever with him!
edward-not a difficult decision
cos i love him!! and i mean honestly, who wouldn't want to live with a hot vampire for the rest of their life?
I would hessitate on who to choose but the reasons for her choice are like DUH!. I would go for Jake love me a strong guy (like my hubby) Tall, tan and strong yeap that a good match for me. But Edward is just so perfect in personality so articulate and just finds the most wonderful way to say things to bella. Hate the mind reading though it would drive me nuts. So yeah for sure JACOB gooffy normal second in command Jacob.
JEJEJ good answer i might have choosen Emmet if I would have thought it out more.

Savanna Rathbone Rhode (alpha) said:
ID em both and steal jasper from alice
definetley Edward
spending forever with him is very appealing to me
i would die for him..

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