I ran through a forest of knives, going nowhere in particular. At last, I came to a field, where the sky was black with clouds, and a girl and a boy wait for me, beckoning me to come closer, faster. I do as I'm told, and I step in something. I look down, and realize that my foot has been enveloped in a bright white light. I feel my weight being pulled in, not knowing whether or not to fight back. I give up, as it seems all I can do, and feel myself slipping into nothingness. I that white light, i am confronted by the girl and the boy again. The girl has cream colored skin, and bright red eyes, and she beckons me closer, again. The boy has coffee colored skin and ice blue eyes, and he shakes his head, warning me to stay back. So this is it. I am stuck, deciding on my meaning of life. The angel, or the devil. I feel a pull to the girl, and I automatically step back, towards the boy. He smiles, and wraps me in a big, warm hug. But then, I feel something piercing my arm. Like a needle. "NOO," I scream, realizing that this pureness was just a cover, a mask of his evil. I try to run, but my feet are stuck in a dark red syrup. I put my finger in it, and taste it. I am immediately farmiliar with the metallic taste. It's blood, and not just any blood. It's my blood. 

I wake up to shining, bright lights in my eyes, and I try to look around. My was feels heavy, and there is a stabbing pain in my arm, far worse than anything that I had ever felt before. "Enni," I heard a small voice whisper from beside me. I hear movement, and turn around. I see a boy, with pale blonde hair and amber eyes, and I have a feeling that I should know him. But... I don't. The little girl who had said my name before, I recognize. It is my baby sister. Hanna. I pick her up, and holder on my lap. "Enni, I'll go get the nurse. You probably want some pain meds, am I right?" I nod. I look at my wrist, and figure that the stabbing pain must be coming from under the pink fiberglass that guards my whole arm, and hand, and wrist. "One thing," I ask him. "Who are you?" 

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Omqqq.!(: love this!!! This is rele good! Keep writing(:

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