Hello this is my first FanFic that I am posting here. I hope you enjoy all of the new and old charachters that are found in this story. I would love to hear your comments good or bad.

It is about a girl from Southern America who resembles in charachter but not appereance to Bella in many ways. I hope you join and stay tuned for her journey though the Southern Vampires, The Volturi, The Cullens, and many other charachters.
Will she find happiness and love in the middle of the chaos? We can only hope. Well here is the Prologue!



Is it really that time to say I am ready to die? Do I even have the choice? Every thought running through my mind did not even seem to sound like my own voice. I was pacing the small one bedroom hovel I called home.
The letter that was left on the table was the worst nightmare I could have ever imagined. It was all my fault, all of it was because of me.

Everyone I loved died trying to protect me. Coming into the house expecting to see my brother and instead finding this letter on the table.

My Sweet Angelic
We have your brother he is alive in the most venomous of forms. We will completely kill him if you run. We will come back tomorrow night. It is time you took your place where you belong.

Really she used the word LOVE? Love for what? I mean I knew what she was. You did not live in the rainforest of South America not learning about Monsters you could find. I was not scared of that. I mean of course I feared the pain. But I was completely ready to die for my brother. What did they mean by take my place though?

What is so great about me? A brown skinned average looking girl. Well maybe I was thinking the wrong way maybe I am some sort of virgin sacrifice or something they wanted to kill for some sort of ritual.
“Ow crap that hurts!” That was the second time today I fell down. Tripping over flat surfaces I was used to. Ever since I was little and my parents were killed in the fields, my brother raised me calling me his Traviesa (Trouble Maker.)

Looking back at everything he sacrificed for me, from going to study in North America to not having a life for himself. He loved me so much. If it were not for him I would be dead. The women in my land always have been treated as second class citizens. I did not live in the civil cities of Latin America. I would have ended up a prostitute or even worse a man’s punching bag. I never wanted to get married or have children. My brother agreed and never pressured me.

Xavier was the best thing that I had in my life. He taught me English and gave me what they call here a man’s education. I knew how to defend myself you could ask the boys in the village about that. However, I had nothing against a Vampiro though.

I felt something wet on my cheek and realized that I was crying.
Now because I went with my friends to have fun up by the lake, my brother was being turned into a monster. He would live though I would make sure of that. No matter what I had to do he would live. I should have been here! They should have taken me and not my brother! Instead I was getting mauled by a boy at the lake who considered me his girlfriend. How much I wish Raul was my only problem.

That was when I heard the door creak and the moonlight shine through the room.

“Hola, my dearest Angelic,” a sweet menacing voice came to my ears.
That is when I saw her. She was short and a picture of a Mexican porcelain doll. Her dark brunette hair was the same length and color as mine all the way down to her waste. She was so beautiful. I blinked twice and came out of my trance.

My large hazel eyes looked straight into hers. “Where is my brother?” I said more steady then I thought I would be.

“Ah little one you will see him, but you must follow me. Your little friend Raul followed you home, and unless you want him to die we must leave now.”

“Why me?”

She came up to me and placed her cold hand on my cheek while I stood frozen “Let us just say you are very special and rare. I will explain more later, but if you want to see your brother you need to come with me now.”

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Interesting.. I'd like to know where this is going.. very good writing :)
I am working on it. I just have to proof read it and make touch ups. I will try to have it up by the end of the day LOL
Awesome.. look forward to it :)

Angelina Salisbury said:
I am working on it. I just have to proof read it and make touch ups. I will try to have it up by the end of the day LOL
Yeah I think I need to post it differently people keep asking me how to get to the prologue
Thanks for raeding here are the other links

Link to Chapter 1- http://www.twifans.com/forum/topics/forced-imitation-chapter-1
Link to chapter 2 - http://www.twifans.com/forum/topics/forced-imitation-chapter-2

Sinead Black/Cullen✿ ♥‿♥ *muff* said:
Interesting...Mre likey...
Plzz tell me there is more....!!!!
I like it and i wanna know what happens....
Plzz keep going...
Very Good writin....=D
I´m loving it :D
ness: this is gonna be a good story!

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