What would be your favorite Twilight Saga book and why?

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B.D easyyy, everything ive waited 4 happened in this book, Bella & Edward finally made love, bonus a baby, then most importantly Bella finally becomes a vampire & fits in2 Edwards world beautifully, all i want 2 c is Bella & Edward hunting & running through the forest 2gether all shining & sparkling, will b the best movie out of the saga easyily, best book best movie cant wait
well i like the 3 and 4 book thay are the two i read most i hope the movies even better
i like all books and favourite is breaking down bcause is finally book and its beautiful :D
My fave is Eclipse. The love triangle is in full force, all the scenes where Bella runs off to see Jacob... the tent scene... when Jacob kisses her (both times)... it's funny and serious. I love Eclipse the most. I love all the books, but this was my favorite. It had the best dialogue of all the books.
BD. The most anticipated union plus the double happiness of Renesmee's birth and Bella's vampirisation enlivens the plot. it is cute when so many vampires gather together to save the beloved Nessie. Breaking Dawn is a complete fiction.Everything gets properly blended whether its homey ambiance or Jacob's angelic love, Nessie and not to mention the rest of the clan. BD fulfilled every desire of readers which its prequels didn't do.
I can not decide which book is my favorite, because eachone has things that attract you from beginning to end. I love the entire saga.

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