This is always hard for me to decide since everytime I re read one I get overwhelmed again. I would have to say my favorite is Eclipse and the others flucuate depending on mood in what order they rank

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My favorite is Twilight/Midnight Sun. Without the whole of Midnight Sun I can't say it's my fave, but I love how the two books work together. Love both sides of the story. Twilight is my favorite because of E/B falling in love.
I have to agree with ghchick13. Twilight is definitely my favorite. In terms of action, it's really boring compared to the others. However, the relationships between the characters always seems so fresh. :)
My favorite is definitely Twilight, because it was just the beginning when it didn't get all complicated with the Volturi and Jacob. (: .. Plus, it's the first book .
1. Twilight
2. Breaking Dawn
3. Eclipse
4. New Moon (just too depressing)
my fav book of the series is Breaking Dawn. its action packed. i like the happy ending though i wish there were gonna be more books. i would love to hear what goes on in the future, like with renesmee and jacob. now that would be cool. i book in renesmee's point of view. anyways...i think twilight comes next, then new moon, then eclipse. whenever she finishes midnight sun, ill find out where that will go
My list is

1. Eclipse
2. Twilight
3. New Moon
4. Breaking Dawn

And The Host was amazing too
my favorite book from the saga is definately breaking dawn!!!
i really liked Twilight, but eclipse is probably my MOST favorite. I liked New Moon and Breaking Dawn the same. Pretty much my order goes

New Moon/Breaking Dawn.
New moon then Eclipse.
they were all good... but if i must list then:

1. Twilight
2. Eclipse
3. Breaking dawn
4. New moon
Twilight is my favorite, then Eclipse followed by Breaking Dawn, and New Moon comes in last due to the significant absence of Edward.
I agree with ghchick13 and Amber Pederson. Twilight/Midnight Sun is the best. Love the way I learn what the other was thinking. Like when Bella said "Are you trying to be funny?" Edward in we realize in Midnight Sun was thinking "Yes".

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