What is your favorite Edward/Bella kissing moment. It can be from any book or the movie, Have Fun!!!!

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My favorite kissing moment in the movie have to be the one on the prom because I like Rob´s (Edward´s) face expresion there, he like wrinkles his face, and that like shows that he can´t go all the way in his and Bella´s relationship (I know it´s a crappy explenation but the picture is on my page if you want to see it. In the book I don´t really know because they are so many, love them all!
in Breaking dawn when Bella & Edward get married
Definitely when Bella lets Edward read her mind and he sees almost every experience she can conjure especially for him.which shows him exactly how much Bella really loves him.
read the ending of breaking dawn again my friend, and you'll see that Bella tries to separate her shield from herself and actually lets edward read her mind for the first time.

Jordan Cullen said:
Edward can never, ever read Bella's thoughts. Never in the entire series. Where did you get that from?

Daidalos Falvius Nosphoros said:
My favorite was their first kiss. In the movie, in Bellas bedroom.

And then I also liked the Hospital kiss on her forehead in the hospital at the end of the first book too.

But only because Bella was throwing a fit. If I were Bella I'd throw many more fits than she does, with the way Edward acts sometimes. Teeeheeeheee

Oh and now you've gone and ruined the series for me folks. Ya let it out the bag that Edward finally is able to read Bella's thoughts.

Since we are spoiling things for me, was it really Edward she was hearing in New moon? Or just a hallucination?
Ermm probably the leg hitching scene in eclipse and the meadow kiss and the last page of breaking dawn:) and isle esme and the reunion kiss in new moon..okay i could go on all day lol:L
well, i luv it when they kiss in eclipse on edwards bed and they roll around kissing, it got pretty steamy
I love the kiss they share before their wedding whe edwrd is shirtless. Also when bella was sitting on the kitchen counter and edward was kissig her,but had to stop even though he wanted to keep going.

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