If you've read all the books then you must have a favorite spot in each book that you loved and reread that same section even when you aren't reading the book.


Tell me some of your favorite quotes in the books. Tell me some of your favorite sections in each book.


Do you also feel like each book; even though it's part of a series; kinda tells a story of it's own?


Who is your favorite character in the books/movies?


Who is your favorite actor/actress in the movies?


Do you have the date when the twilight saga: eclipse hits theaters circled on your calendar?

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Some of my favorites quotes are::Twilight's quotes: -"You are the most important thing to me know. The most important thing to me ever
- Just because I'm resisting the wine doesn't mean i can not appreciate the bouquet
- You are my life now"
New moon's quotes:-"I can not live in the world where you don't exist
-After all the thousands times i've told you I love you, how could you let one word break your faith in me?
-I'm here and i love you, I have always loved you and I will always love you...
-Only you could be more important than what i wanted.....what i needed. what i want and need is to be with you
-Your hold is permanent and unbreakable, never doubt that"
Eclipse'quotes:- "Do you really have any idea how important you are to me? any concept at all how much I love you
-The outside world holds no interest for me without you
-I'll be back soon you won't have time to miss me.look after my heart i've left it with you
-You are the only one who has ever touch my heart it will always be yours
-Do you ever Think that your life might be easier if you weren't in love with me?
-Never be afraid to tell me how you feel, ....you are my first priority
-Tell me what you want, and you can have it
-As long as she wants me, I'm here
-All of my best nights have happened sinse at met you
-You love more than i deserve
-just be happy, and you can have whatever part of me you want, or none at all if that's better. Don't left any debt you feel you owe me influence your decision"
Breaking Dawn'squotes:'-I love her more than anything in the world, more than my own life
-Don't take to long Mrs. Cullen
-Why are you doing this to me?
-Sex was the key all along
-I want your permission to save her life. you know I'll do it anyway'

So. My favorite Character & actor is Edward Cullen= Rob.Pattz, but ,o'course I've already marked my calendars

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