I know there are many great songs on the soundtrack, but there must be one song (ok, maybe more than one) in particular that just blew you away and you can't stop playing over and over again. I'm sure there are many different opinions, share them here.

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That is SO hard. The one I listen to the most is definitely "I Caught Myself" by Paramore. There's so much emotion in it. :( I'm not even a big Paramore fan, but I love it.
That IS hard. I really liked "Decode" by Paramore and "Supermassive Black H***" by Muse!
The soundtrack was REALLY good but those were my favorites!
OMG the entire soundtrack!! i really love Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundations, Never Think by Rob and I Caught Myself by Paramore. Cant choose between them they all really good!
Nids xx
supermassive black h*** by muse , because i love the baseball scene . (: either that or flightless bird , american mouth by iron and wine .
I like the song not on the soundtrack 15 Steps
Hmm, it is a hard choice! I think my favorite song is Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine. It's just a beautiful song! and it always reminds me of Bella and Edward dancing at prom. It's a beautiful song! :D
I cant decide! there all amazing! i think the top two are
1. Eyes on fire
2 Spotlight
This is my kind of soundtrack. I'm all for altrock. I love Supermassive Black H*** because it reminds me of the baseball scene. I also love Decode--which is probably my favorite song on the soundtrack. I love the whole thing--I even searched for Rob's other song Let Me Sign which I love. Love the Radiohead song and I was thrilled that an old school Collective Soul song was in there! Tremble for My Beloved was totally from my high school days. Also, I liked that it was one of SM's choices for the soundtrack. Again, the whole thing rocked. I've been playing it over and over again since I bought it. It repeats over and over on my mp3 player while I work. It's on cd in my car. It's playing on my laptop. It's all day long for me. LOVE IT!
Ugh, I can't choose just one, I love Bella's Lullaby, Flightless Bird, American Mouth, supermassive black h***(loved the baseball scene), and decode......
Heck, I LOVE every single song on thesoundtrack
Supermassive Black H*** by Muse hands down. I've created a ring tone with it for my iphone.

However, I really do like the Paramore songs, especially Decode and I really like the Mute Math song. I also like Tremble for my Beloved song, Eyes on Fire, and Full Moon.

I don't like the prom song at all - ugh! And I don't like the Perry Ferrell song - really cheesy.
This is one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. Supermassive Black h*** has got to be the best song on the soundtrack. Loved the prom song, Decode, and all the others almost as much though. Bella's Lullaby was lovely, I just wished that they would have established it as her lullaby in the movie.
Definitely Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation. Then Tremble My Beloved and Spotlight.

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