I know there are many great songs on the soundtrack, but there must be one song (ok, maybe more than one) in particular that just blew you away and you can't stop playing over and over again. I'm sure there are many different opinions, share them here.

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"I Caught Myself" is definitely my favorite, but then again I'm probably the only one out there that likes "La Traviata" and the Debussy piece.
Decode by Paramore! I LOVE Paramore!!!

I just heard it right now, "Almost Love" by A Fine Frenzy, and I gotta say i completely agree with you. It makes you feel the pain and sorrow Bella goes through when Edward leaves. It's just such a sad but beautiful song. I really hope this song is a least considered for the New Moon soundtrack. ^_^

Lisa said:
my favourites are eyes on fire, it's got such a mysterious sound to it i love it.
and spotlight, there's just something about that song.
i think decode fits so well because paramore are so passionate about the twilight series, hopefully they'll be included in the up and coming films.

also for new moon, almost lover by a fine frenzy fits perfectly.
i really hope they put that in there, it totally relates to the story.
I would say I have a few songs I really like

1.) Leave At All The Rest The song touches me. help me leave some reason to be missed, that is profound to me, because its that what we all really want... to make a difference in this world, that we want to be loved and remembered by those we leave behind. but more importantly we want are lives to have counted for something, tp have mattred to have touch others lives and hearts... will I know I would like to think when I am gone my life, my actions, my love toward others did make some some difference in this word.

2.) Flightless Bird I just love the song - I can relate to Bella not being able to dance.. I can either. I love someone like Edwars to pick me up and dance with me... how sweet to see him do that for bella. I just loved that!!! I know it is just a movie , but I could and did just loose myself in it... the romance... it is wonderful.

3.) Full Moon I just enjoy this song it reminds me of the movie... where it flowa from the views of weat to the cool pacific northwest I used to live there for a short time, when I did my time in The Americorps Program, working as a Case Managers at a ASO, I really enjoyed my work there.... but boy, it sure did rain there alot 300 days a year, NO Kidding! But it sure was a pretty pace area to see
I love all songs from Twilight, but my favourite is "Suppermassive black h***" by Muse, and "Full Moon" by The black ghost, other songs are cool too! I am glad that so many people know about movie and books!
iron and wine - flightless bird and blue foundation - eyes on fire
Love the whole album but bellas lullaby sends shivers down my spine!!!
Decode, Paramore!
Flightless Bird, American Mouth. Play the song in my ear and I shall have tears in my eyes. [:
Hmmm... - I'd have to say... Eyes On Fire & Flightless Bird, American Mouth & Full Moon. The more accousticy stuff but I love Super Massive Black H*** because Im a massive Muse fan - Oh and of course - Bellas Lullaby!!!!!!

Lucy xxx
I REALLY love "Supermassive Black H***." "Decode", and "Never think"
super massive balck h*** by muse i love that song

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