I know there are many great songs on the soundtrack, but there must be one song (ok, maybe more than one) in particular that just blew you away and you can't stop playing over and over again. I'm sure there are many different opinions, share them here.

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I would have to say it's Bella's Lullaby.
i like both suppermassive black h*** by muse, flightless bird, american mouth by iron and wine (remind me about the most romantic scene in twilight movie), and most of all is bella's lullaby (which edward played using piano). i've never getting bored by that songs...
i love all of them but if i just ahve to pick 1 it would be eyes on fire
I definitely love Flightless Bird, American Mouth because it reminds me of their dancing at prom...but i also love love love Rob's songs "Never Think" and "Let Me Sign."
I like Decode from Paramore and Supermassive Black h*** from Muse. They're so great!:)
Never Think. Rob makes everything the best.
We wrote a song for the NEW MOON soundtrack and created a little music video for the song as well. Check it out and let us know what you think! We think you'll dig!! xoxo

the black ghosts: full moon
paramore: decode
and rob patzz: never think
i would have to say definatly super massive black h*** by muse itis the best song ever and i can listen to it over and over again. i like it because i love the baseball scene it is one of the best scenes in the movie
i love iron and wine so gotta go with flightless bird, american mouth
I prefer the instrumental soundtrack, and my favourite track on there apart from Bella's Lullaby, is Who Are They?
Just the contrast between light and dark makes my skin tingle... I haven't actually listened to another artist or soundtrack more this year than the instrumental Twilight soundtrack (by Carter Burwell). Rob's sister does the singing in Who Are They? as well!
Yeah Well mine is Let me sign. Its f****** amazing.

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