I know there are many great songs on the soundtrack, but there must be one song (ok, maybe more than one) in particular that just blew you away and you can't stop playing over and over again. I'm sure there are many different opinions, share them here.

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I LOVE Iron and Wine, def one of my favs. i was listening to the lyrics of Decoded and i feel like the chorus is more of a New Moon song but it still amazing! i love it i was also surprised that blue october wasn't on the soundtrack with everything they did together!
I would have to say either "supermassive black h***" Just cuz i love the opening or "Full moon" by the black ghosts that song just jumped out at me during the movie so did black h***
you're right there are a lot of great songs on the soundtrack, but if i were to choose one, it would have to be fullmoon

next in line[in order]
-never think
-i caught myself
-supermassive black h***
I would have to say Iron & Wine ... did you all know the Kristen Stewart recommended it for the scene? But I Caught Myself is also pretty awesome ...
Love the song Supermassive Black H***, one because I love the baseball scene and because it has the line in the song "You caught me under false pretenses" which is close to what Edward said in the book.
This is a really hard one, I love both the songs by Paramore, but i also love Rob's song - Never Think - becasue it is really carm and relaxing. I also love Flightless bird, American Mouth by iron and wine becuase it is just a really nice song.
Overall i love the soundtrack, if i had to pick one song i would choose Decode by Paramore
one? that's really tough!
but i think i really liked let me sign. it was just so perfect..
I have grown to love it all but probably Flightless Bird, American Mouth or in the movie Let Me Sign is truely amazing and I absolutly love it!!
I loved, loved Supermassive Black H***. Just the whole feel of it, got me so hyped up! Also I really liked Iron & Wine's Flightless Bird, it was so serene yet kind of melancholy. Very sweet though. Loved these two the best!
whenever I hear supermassive black h***, I picture the entire baseball scene. lol (then again, who doesn't?) ^_^

twilight lover said:
thats a hard one... full moon by the black ghosts is a good one and supermassive blackhole i can never get outta my head!
I love Full Moon, Supermassive Black H***, and definitely 15 Step. Radiohead is amazing.
either flightless bird, american mouth, or rob's songs. :D

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