I know there are many great songs on the soundtrack, but there must be one song (ok, maybe more than one) in particular that just blew you away and you can't stop playing over and over again. I'm sure there are many different opinions, share them here.

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I made my ringtone supermassive black H*** too! too funny!

Zhaan King said:
Supermassive Black H*** by Muse hands down. I've created a ring tone with it for my iphone.

However, I really do like the Paramore songs, especially Decode and I really like the Mute Math song. I also like Tremble for my Beloved song, Eyes on Fire, and Full Moon.

I don't like the prom song at all - ugh! And I don't like the Perry Ferrell song - really cheesy.
I LOVE hearing damage and eyes on fire and decode and leave out all the rest and spotlight and neutron star collission and so much more!!!
right! forgot that the flightless bird and meet me on the equinox were the speciall ones!
On the 8th I got the Eclipse soundtrack. What do you think about it? Any favorites?
I think that leave out all the rest decode I caught myself bellas lullaby never think and let me sign are my favorites!!!
The whole soundtrack is awesome!! Why are you making me choose? Ha ha. My two favorites are "I Caught Myself" by Paramore and "Leave Out All The Rest" by Linkin Park. I can listen to them over & over & over again!
I love all the songs.. but even though it isn't on the soundtrack.. Let Me Sign - Rob Pattinson
flightless bird!
I love the whole soundtrack, but absolute faves are - Never Think: Rob Pattinson, Let Me Sign: Rob Pattinson, and Bella's Lullaby (have that set as my ring-tone)
Decode by paramore.I love the vibe......

"There is somthing I see in you.It might kill me.Want it to be true." (last words in the song)
i like let me sign by rob because it is a col song and he sung it
To me these two were good but my favorite is Bella"s Lullaby. I added it to my "My Space" page but cant figure out how to add music on this system

ilovetwilight said:
That IS hard. I really liked "Decode" by Paramore and "Supermassive Black H***" by Muse!
The soundtrack was REALLY good but those were my favorites!

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