You have two choices: Emmett Cullen, or Jasper Cullen? Which one and why. If you ask me i would say Jasper because is SO cute and i like a man who can control your emotions. So which of these vampire boys do YOU like the most. Dont forget to explain why!!!!

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of course is Jasper Cullen.First his eyes is so big^ ^and i like his hair with a curl.maybe i like this kind.
emmett cullen hes my second cause edward is my first
Emmett Cullen Cuy he's so like me!!!!
Emmett all the way!
i dont like emmet....sorry! XPXP
jasper is cute...but come on team edward!!!!
xxxxxxxxxxxx by patty
JASPER!!!!!! he's adorable and soo cute!!!!
Well i would have to pick emmett because fo starters he will always have ur back protected with all that muscle strenth he has to have by beibg that buff and so's a super cutie and he has this sence of being free that makes u want to talk to him even though he may look a little white to people and probly seen as an outcast, but i wouldent care cause that much cutness cant go to waste can it and he is a funny guy he has a good sence of humor and i personally love people that can make me laugh :)
Definitely Jasper, because he is a warrior and a very good strategist.

Emmet's a fun guy, and he'd be the first one I'd try to enlist to help me in a practical joke, but he's kind of superficial. Maybe it's just because he was never one of the uber-main characters, so Meyers didn't have time to more fully develop the character.
Jasper. He has a neat history, and a huge heart. He willingly seperated himself from his normal way of life, just not as quickly as carlisel. Yeah jasper is awesome
JASPER!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's a total hottie!!!!!

jasper cullen

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