If you had to pick just ONE of your favourite scenes from each movies, which one would it be?? Mine would probably be:-


Twilight: Where Bella has found out that Edwards a vampire and he takes her to the Meadow.


New Moon: When the wolves are chasing Victoria through the forest.


Eclipse: When Bella punches Jacob then followed by Jacob's comment to Charlie.

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Twilight: When Bella sees the Cullen's for the first time in the cafeteria
New Moon: Bella's B'day Party
Eclipse: Alice and Jasper fight training
Twilight: Bella and edward at the school dance on the gazbo
New moon: Bella saving edward in italy (running into his arms)
Eclipse: Bella and edward in the medow

Heheh i think there is a bella and edward theme going on here!
Twilight: Bella & Edward in the trees (after flying out of his bedroom window), Bella's Lullaby is playing
New Moon: In Italy, when Bella says "kill me" and saves Edward
Eclipse: Ending meadow scene where Bella is sure of what she wants and Edward is so proud of her decision when he realizes she's not going to change just because she loves him.
Twilight-In the ballent studio when edward is saving bella with "let me sign" playing in the background.
New Moon-When bella runs through the big square in Italy to save edward.
Eclipse-When edward purposes to bella in his bedroom with "My love" playing in the background.
Twilight - I love when Bella visit the Cullens' for the first time
New Moon - When the whole fighting scene with Volturi
Eclipse - The meadow at the opening when Bella recite Fire & Ice
Twilight: scene where bella and edward make out for the first time. so steamyyyy!!
new moon: scene where jacob and bella almost kiss. left u wanting more!!
eclipse: jacob and bella offical first kiss! lol so good!

the theme here is kisses! lol.
Twilight: The Kiss on the bed.

New Moon: The Flip, during the fight when he flips her.

Eclipse: Opening meandow scene.
Twilight: When Bella meets the Cullens

New Moon: When Bella runs through Volterra to save Edward (specifically when she's in his arms)

Eclipse: The Proposal Scene with "My Love" playing in the backround (It's so sweet! :D)
Twilight:Baseball scene before Laurent James and Victoria arrived
New Moon:The first time seeing Jasper releasing his inner monster(so sexy)
Eclipse:Major Jasper Whitlock's back story

and Breaking Dawn:Yes I know its not out yet but I think that my favorite scene will be Edward and Bella's wedding
twilight- when edward tells bella "u don't know how long i've waited for you"
new moon- when bella saves edward and he tells her " bella, your everything to me...EVERYTHING"
eclipse- in the beginning when edward is constintly asking bella to marry him..just how he looks at her and soft his voice is...
breaking dawn- the entire wedding and reception (well the whole book really...this is my FAV. book of all 4)

ookkk---i'm a sucker for all the lovey dovey parts...but i can't help it..

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