what's your favourite scene from twilight??
mine is the baseball match.... I love it!! edward is so sexy in this scene!!!
what about you??'

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Mii favorite seen would have too behh the baseball match..! I absoulutly love itt..!
I love the kissing scene in the end and on Bella's bed. Its so intense. :)))
I love the baseball scene thats where Jasper look the best lol he looks good in evry scene too
Well I would have to say that my favorite seen was actually cut out when they made the movie. I love the scene in the book where Bella stays up nearly all night with Edward, just asking questions back and forth. They kind of show it in the movie but without the details. And that part not only answers Bellas questions, but a lot of things that the readers wondered about Edward too. It was like a grand revealing process.
my favorite scene would be the baseball scene why its super cool and the song 2 it was so awesome and then the bad vamps come in and everyone protects bella ,nice even bratty rosalie, id knew she come around because carlisle said bella is part of are family now so she had 2 protected her :) and on top of it you get to see all the cullens at the same time!!!!
The baseball scene is my favorite. And the scene in the lunchroom where Jessica says to Bella that Jasper is the one who looks like hes in pain all the time, it made me laugh :D
I love the baseball scene... all off the guuys look amazing and I love the bad vampires- they were amazing in the movie! Oh... and I love the scene when they come to school together and Edward is wearing the sunglasses, and my last is teh Cullen house but only when she meets the Cullens because Edward looks really embaressed! Oh...sorry, and I love when she meets Jacob again and gets the Car becuase when she opens the door, it hits Jacob!
when edwrad says "as long as im going to hell" adn that whole everyones staring- not that guy he jus tlooked stuff
my favorite scenes are the piano one, or the baseball match .
i think its got to be where Edward carries her to the top of the trees, its so gentle and loving. No words just beautiful music to stunning scenery and so intense i get goosebumps thinking about it .
1. The scene where Bella first meets the Cullens, dunno why it's just cool, especially with the music :)

2. When Bella tells Edward that she knows what he is and then he tries to convince her how dangerous he can be but she doesn't care and she's only afraid to loose him and not of him as a vampire. That scene is so full of emotion (desperation, anger, fear, love and hope). I love it.

3. the baseball game, it's just AWESOME. They couldn't find a better song for that scene.
baseball match is so cool so i have to say, it is :D

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