Hi everyone can anyone tell me why some people hate the film but love the books?????? I admittedly watched the film first, it was on a plane coming back from Athens so i didnt have much choice, but i thought WOW and downloaded it immediately then after a little research found out about the series and purchased the books, and yes there were differences but i thought the film was a lovely flowing story; they can never make it exactly the same as a book as it has to flow from one scene to the next and also make it translate to the target audience to get the revenue and stephanie had explained how georgous looking these characters were so casting would be fun and i think that summit and the director did a fantastic job as it is set in or around a high school, anyway id like to hear other people thoughts on this sometimes i wonder if its because i saw the film first that i liked it and had no preconceptions of characters etc, i did help me when reading the other books to visualise rob and Kristen playing the book out LOL

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O.k. the problem most PPL have is that they DON"T make it like the book...I was like you I saw the movie first....accually my daughter wanted to see it at the movie but we were low on funds...so I preordered it for her and we watch it....wellllllllll...I'm the one that fell in love with the movie and it;'s characters.....I read the books then and I have to say that most PPL don't understand how much MONEY it takes to make a movie like this....plus all the CGI it takes and they Can't make it like the book because then this movie would end up costing like millions of dollars even in canada...and it would be like an 8 hour movie...I mean I love this movie and can NOT wait to see new moon but I can't sit thru an 8 hour movie most PPL like everything that happen in the book to be in the movie but it Just can't be....so I think summit did a EXCELLENT job on both movies....and I know they will do a great job on Eclipse and Breaking Dawn...BD can't be made like the book...to much blood...and they do have to watch out for ratings.....too...
hi everyone thanks for all your comments in this discussion i thought it waould be interesting topic of discussion, im now re-reading Twilight to do a plot summary and i've gotta say if i had read the book first, i probably would have been lost by the filmas there is quite a lot of difference, but as one have you have already wrote that this film had a small budget and i dont believe they ever envisaged the following that it has recieved pretty much a Twimania LOL and thats why i believe that New moon will be so much better as they have the budget and the driving force which is the fans to keep them in line. i love my movies and my books so im pretty much 50/50 the books give a lot more back ground information, but emotions do not have to be written to be portrayed and i believe that Kristen shows her emotion in her eyes and thats what drew me to the film. I first saw it on a plane from Athens to UK and i have to admit i'd never heard of it before, I thought Edward was acting like a complete cok to her until i realised why LOL then after watching it say 50 times (ballpark figure) i still can't get enough, and ive read the book over and over again. I love them all Peace out
I think you needed to read the books first to have the background they didnt cover in the movie. I look at it like the movie was on a low budget, they did what they could. I love the movie, but the b ooks are just so incredible.....you are so enthralled by the stories.....
I love anything and everything tTwilight! I watched the movie and was hooked had to go and by New Moon right afterwards, then I felt lost so went and bought Twilight, then each one after that. Sure I would have liked to see some parts, like the blood typing, and a better meadow sceen, but still love the movie, the couldn't make it the way they wanted to, not knowing if it would be a hit or not, and wanting to risk loseing that much $, but I think they did an amazing job, if anything it made tons of new twifans.
I saw the movie first and couldn't get into it in the first part. Tho I liked Edward in the movie and the other vampires. Didn't like Jacob from the start and well Bella was just a cow in my opinion.
I bought the books and couldn't put them down. And still after reading the books the vampires are still my favorite characters. I just can't get into the werewolf parts, they are so boring. And Bella, well she is better portaited in the books and there I can live with her. But the more I see the movie the more I think the actress wasn't the right one to bring Bella to life. She has something arrogant over her and it is still there when she plays Bella.
I love the books and the movie. Its just thay left alot of what was in the books out. If you watch your twilight dvds every scene that was cut from the movie are all parts out of the book. Thay never say in the movie that Bella talks in her sleep.Thay left out two of the people in the book.Where is Ben and lorean?Thay just left alot out but i do love the movie to.
Yh i have always wondered that...
I watched the film first then immediatly ran to the store to buy the books and loved them <3
I think its partly because people who read the books first had an idea of what everyone should look like and didnt really agree with cast choices...also the film missed out a lot of things, for example i have always kindaa been annoyed that the scene in the meadow where bella and edward first kiss and the scene in the volvo where bella finds out edward is a vampire where done differently also the part in biology where there blood typing..i <3'd that part in the book and thought it should have been in the movie for sure!!
Another thing is twilight had a low budget...However Catherine hardwicke did a brilliant job with what she was given..x
I think new moon looks better because there was a bigger budget to be frank...but i love twilight anyway =]
Wow how about New moon then, how did that fair in everyones hearts and minds?????? I liked it the first time and loved it the second time, i wasn't overly keen on the music this time i didnt think it added any emotion to the film, except Bellas 4 months scene with "possibility" i thought however the acting by far made up from the music, and i may be an Edward gal by heart but i cried for Jacob before she went to italy and after she came back, Taylor let his heart pour out on screen it was phenominal
I loved both the books and the films. Though, there are some differences in both it's how the script is written and how the director chooses to pursue the script. The script is a basic guideline for the film it's not an exact floor plan. Every book that becomes a film gets butchered in someway. I mean if you included every single detail, the movie would be like 10 hours long!
The books, for me, were better than the movie, however I am a big reader and am very into disecting the characters and storyline. As much as the books are better, both movies were very well done, though Twilight more than New Moon. I watched the movie before I read the books, and still enjoyed both! It is very hard to re-create exactly, the books into movies but Melissa Rosenberg and the Summit Team did a great job doing that. However, i love the books, they are my favourite and I read and re-read them (I am readung them for the 9th time since May) all the time.
I think the reason sooo many people luv the books but dnt like the movie is cuz the movies arent as detailed and in new moon u only kept like 3 parts exactly the same as the book well maybe not exactly but pretty close to it
me personally i like the books better and i liked the first movie better then the second movie i think its cuz the first movie has alot more parts in it dat are almost exactly the same as the book but idk thats just my opinon
I don't hate any film based in the books, but I always prefer to read the book first, because i can use my imagination to create all the description the author wrote in it like: characters, time,space.....so, I wathed twilight movie before to read the book and when i stared to read the twilight saga; I could'nt imagen anything different; and this is the only reason why I ALWAYS associate Edward C= Robert P for example.

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