Hi everyone can anyone tell me why some people hate the film but love the books?????? I admittedly watched the film first, it was on a plane coming back from Athens so i didnt have much choice, but i thought WOW and downloaded it immediately then after a little research found out about the series and purchased the books, and yes there were differences but i thought the film was a lovely flowing story; they can never make it exactly the same as a book as it has to flow from one scene to the next and also make it translate to the target audience to get the revenue and stephanie had explained how georgous looking these characters were so casting would be fun and i think that summit and the director did a fantastic job as it is set in or around a high school, anyway id like to hear other people thoughts on this sometimes i wonder if its because i saw the film first that i liked it and had no preconceptions of characters etc, i did help me when reading the other books to visualise rob and Kristen playing the book out LOL

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I would prefer to read the books before watching its adaptation. while I read, I tend to give enormous wings to my imagination as movie casting occasionally if not frequently contradicts the picture we create in our head. this applies for almost all the movies made out of popular books. It should be noted that the original construction is the book and would contain detailed matters which the movie makers seldom leave unedited. reading should help us in piecing together the incoherent parts and be able to relate to those scenes in the book.
i more like reading this novel.. never make me boring,, and more reall....
the books have much more details..alot of events..i feel like the movies are summary of the books...i prefer the books..but movies are good but i little disappointed when i saw eclipse..

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