Here is the last installment of First Light! I hope you all enjoy and I look forward to the final comments:) I thought it would be nice to have Jacob close out Renesmee's Story so I hope you like the new perspective.

Jacob’s Final Words:

I woke in the colossal bed that had been placed in the master bedroom for us. You could see the obvious Cullen touch to the décor. The deep mahogany furniture covered in various shades of whites and ivories. Even this bed had a huge, white, down comforter to snuggle into. Not that I was complaining- this house was impressive.
I rolled onto my side and draped my arm across around Renemee’s tiny frame. Her skin was soft as satin and felt warm even to me. I ran my fingers down the length of her leg she had curled on top of the heavy bedding. Her breathing became less steady and even, but she gave no sign of waking. It was still early and she was heavy sleeper.
As I laid here in bed with sleeping beauty, the sole purpose for my existence, and looked at her angelic face- eyelashes sweeping her cheeks and hair sprawled across the pillow, I could’t help but reflect back as to how we came to be in this moment-married, happy, in perfect harmony…in love.
Love. I guess you could say I’ve had a turbulent experience with love. The beginning had been torture. Head over heels for a girl in love with a vampire, but those are the breaks, the casualties of love and war, I suppose. Sure, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. It wasn’t until the very end that I could be in a room with Edward and not want to rip him to shreds. Funny to think how everything ended up working out in the end.
As much as I loved Bella I never really understood her. She was quite possibly one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever laid eyes on. Not some generic beauty that you’d see on the cover of a magazine, but intriguing. Pensive. Brooding. Smart. Always sweet and thoughtful with a soul made of gold. Her choices in boyfriends, on the other hand, left much to be desired in my opinion.
Edward Cullen. Vampire, and previously the bane of my existence. I had made it my job to hate him for nearly everything for the better part of two years, but who would have thought that what I could have, quite literally, killed him for, would later become the gravity in the center of my own personal universe. Now his family was my family, and he and I like brothers. Their misguided relationship gave way to the most perfect creature in the entire world.
Renesmee had been beautiful and perfect since the moment she was born. She had Bella’s innocent chocolate eyes and the inhuman features only mythical, immortal creatures have. She went from an infant to an eighteen year old girl in under seven years, mentally as adept as a full grown woman before she reached her full maturity. What she lacked in life experience she made up in intelligence and instinct. She was her mother. She had Bella’s golden soul- selfless and protective, but without all the reckless theatrics.
I had watched her grow, rapidly; always gladly playing whatever role she needed most at any part of her life. She was part of me, my very heart and soul, and I would continue to give her anything, and always would until our forever ends. I was the brother, the protector, the friend for the longest time, until one day it just changed. Friend to lover in a matter of moments. I’ll never forget the first time we kissed. I looked in her big brown eyes and when I touched her lips my heart became bigger than my body, and I soared. I never thought I was capable of that much love. I didn’t think I could love her anymore than I already had, but I there I stood, happily corrected. From that day forward we were star-crossed lovers.
Also, like her mother, Renesmee was not denied her fair share of life threatening debacles. Poor girls, every time they’d turn around some half-crazed pack of rogue vamps trying to kill them. I could still feel the heat racing up my backbone when I thought back on it. Which, consequently, was a separate reminder me of the constant void I would carry with me constantly. It was such a shame we never got a chance to tear apart the Volturi vampires. That would have been fun! But everything ended up the way it should, I supposed. The new Volturi seemed much more inclined to their ‘justice’ than their predecessors did. Marcus, the head bloodsucker, was nice enough. The pack didn’t exactly agree with his diet, but they excused him and his new guard as long as they adopted the Cullen’s diet while they were visiting.
I assumed they’d all be leaving today. Well, all but one. It was my understanding that Emeila would be staying behind. I couldn’t say I really minded her so much. She had fallen into step with the Cullen’s right from the start. She even picked up the vegetarian diet with some ease. I was glad for Renesmee- the two of them had become great friends, and I knew she would protect Renesmee from this point on, just like the rest of us. It was a sweet relief to know that we would not likely need it again.
I looked back down at her face, smiling to myself. She had rolled onto her back and her arm absently fell across my waist. I picked it up bending it at the elbow so I could kiss her hand. She furrowed her brow and tossed her head a little, but settled back into a deep sleep. It was still too early to wake her.
Instead, I just stared at her, pulling the covers back a little to take in all of my beautiful new bride. Perfection. This was my heaven on earth and we had forever to live together in it. The hardship of our previous life was gone now. All of our fears were behind us, another chapter closed, and we only had to look towards the many wonderful gifts the future had in store for us.


Author's Note:
Thank you all for reading First Light! I have to say I am sad to say goodbye to this story. I loved writing this story and stepping into my own world of Twilight- at least in my way. I can’t express how much all the wonderful comments and messages have meant to me in writing this story, and I am so happy to have been able to share it with all of you.
For now, this is the end- at least for First Light. I think things wrapped up nicely for the Cullen’s and Renesmee and Jake so I don’t want to take it any further for fear that it would just drag. Hopefully, later I will be able to expand, or perhaps, write an entirely new story. But for now, I have to adjourn and leave all of you with my gratitude and many, many thanks!!!

The Entire Story is Posted on It has been edited and there are some minor changes. You can search under: Bellalove67 or use this link

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This Was The BesT Story Ever! You ARE An Amazing Writter! Sad To Say Goodbye To It To!!
such a great ending to a wonderful story!!
I agree!! Would love to read ur prospective on Alice & Jasper, Rosalie & Emmett , Carlisle & Esme

Vanessa Wolfe said:
Love it!!! Amazing!!!You should think about maybe writing story's about other character's like Rachel & Paul, Sam & Emily, Alice & Jasper, Rose & Emm, Carlisle & Esme so many things that you would be amazing at creating a story. Let me know if you write something else.
Your # 1 Fan
nooooooooooooooo plz dont end it its like the best story on twifans! plz dont stop!
*having a melt down* I am not a big read but you did something that onli 1 person has done before u and from the bottom of my heard i thank u. I am onli read it now cause i knew it was going to be over so i just wanted to hold onto First Light as long as possible. And, I do hope this is no the end you are talented and i am fortunate to have been able to read this.
i read all the first light and i though it was incredably amazing
OMG..!! I LOVE IT..!! IM CRYING..!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL..!! (: THNKS FOR POSTING IT! plz plz plz dont stop writing..!! you have a great future as an author i honestly would buy your books..!! you are AMAZING..!!
amazing! great start to great ending! hope u enjoyed writing the story.

just love it. <3. sad u finished it but it was wonderful. i hav never cried but laughed at emotional moments but this almost made me cry. u absoloutly can b d next Stephenie Meyer.It was twilightilicous story.


wow just readin this im hooked

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