Thanks again for all the comments!!! Here is part 7 and part 8 is not far behind:):) I love the enthusiasm from everyone- it means so much to me! I look forward, as always, to your comments and thoughts!

Felix had stepped outside and even though he was out of sight no one in my family dared speak while he was still in earshot. Meanwhile, the grouping had moved into the formal living room. My father was on the phone with Rosalie and Emmett telling them to return to home.
The plan was to leave this newly founded home and return to forks- mostly due to the urging of my mother who feared for Charlie’s safety if we weren’t nearby. Her rationalization was that Aro knew we had an extension of living, human family nearby and he may use them to persuade us if things didn’t go according to plan.
I still hadn’t strayed far from the door the frame bordering the dining room, hoping to blend in with the shadows, but my father noticed right away. He was sitting on the sofa next to my mother, but smiled warmly despite the omniscient atmosphere that surrounded us.
“Come and sit, love” he urged patting the empty space beside him.
My mother looked over at me and mirrored his smile as she moved to sit opposite me.
I moved at a glacial pace as I made my way over to them seating myself in the middle between them and curling my legs up under me. My mother wrapped her icy arms around me and laid her head against mine.
“Everything will be alright,” she said, out of what I guessed was maternal habit. I nodded reluctantly, but all I could think of was the horror I was bringing down on my family.
I put one hand against her cold arm and buried my face into my father’s shoulder. He felt like a living statue as he tucked his arm around my shoulders.
“I hate this is happening,” I said my voice muffled in his shirt. The tears welled up behind my eyes- another human weakness I had inherited. My emotions were not only marked by my face but other biological functions.
Mom leaned across and kissed me on my temple.
“This is not your fault,” she assured me. I don’t know if it was my stretched nerves, or the severity that was bearing down on us but I couldn’t control myself.
“I know, I just wish I could show them!” I wailed into his shirt, “I would never hurt anyone…I just want everyone to be h-happy. This isn’t fair! I’m an a-abomination” I sobbed violently.
My father pulled me up against him and whispered into my hair.
“That’s not true. Never say that….just because others of our kind don’t understand doesn’t mean this is your fault,” he insisted. He reached down and wiped the tears from my cheeks. He looked over his younger sister who was unnaturally quiet aunt.
“Alice?” he said to her hopefully. She was sitting on the recliner motionless, her face a statue as she was obviously trying to ‘see.’ Her eyes fluttered and she looked around the room her eyes eventually fixed on me.
She smiled at me and walked over to me.
“Let’s go upstairs,” she said. Her eyes danced and she held her hand out eagerly. “I was sure girlie-ness was to ensue. I loved my aunt but I was in no mood for diversions. She had just gotten back from a shopping trip and dress-up was inevitable. My natural aversion to clothes and fashion engulfed me and I sank back into my mother’s arms.
“No thanks, Aunt Alice,” I said, “I want to stay her for now.”
She glanced at my father warily, but he nodded obligingly.
It had been at least two hours since Jacob had left and I was getting nervous. The wolf pack was extremely effective in battle, but subtly and patience wasn’t their strongest asset by far and away. I was happy that Jacob would have to appeal to Sam before taking any type of action- he was the alpha, and far more level headed.
Jasper was pacing by the window taking in Felix’s every move. He had been outside on the phone with Aro conveying the earlier conversation. He walked, or more accurately floated back into the room after an hour of so.
“Aro is pleased so far,” he informed us. “He said he is most grateful and if you need our assistance he is prepared to send part of the guard once Alice has established Marcus’s plan. He has requested that Demetri go to Brazil to bring the others here as well. It is mostly a precaution so we don’t have to divide the guard.” He affirmed.
“Very well,” my father replied. He seemed pacified for the moment. I noticed my mother shot him an apprehensive glance over my shoulder. I would have to talk to her alone when I got the chance.
I strained to hear as far away as I could, but no sound of Jacob. I looked at my father and pressed my hand against his face. I didn’t trust a full out conversation in front of Felix.
“Is he close?” I thought to him. He looked down at me and leaned his head to the side listening for anything that would give away their position.
“I haven’t heard them yet,” he murmured the words in my ear so low I doubt anyone would hear unless they were paying attention..
I sat up and wiped the tears away from my face. As much as I wanted them to keep their distance and be safe I ached to have Jacob at my side. It felt wrong when he was away from me. My hand hadn’t moved from my father’s face so I pushed my thoughts again.
“Can I go?” I didn’t have to say where for him to understand.
I can’t imagine what my face looked like, but I am sure it was a miserable expression because he looked over at Felix, then to Alice, and back to me again.
“Alice?” he asked.
She looked at him frustrated.
“You know if she leaves I won’t be able to see her or Jacob,” she said accusingly.
He looked down at me again and I didn’t have to try to look pitiful. It came naturally.
“Try…” he replied evenly.
Alice sat back with her eyes closed against Jasper’s chest for a long moment before answering.
“I can see Marcus but I can’t see anything happening tonight or tomorrow. He seems to still be putting his strategy together,” she said confidently, but then she shot me a warning look. “Keep close and in contact with us the whole time….things could change very quickly,” she said.
I looked to my parents and they both had forlorn expressions on their faces. I tried to look positive.
“I’ll be fine,” I said. It sounded like more of a question than I intended, and thoroughly disheartened.
My mother squeezed me tight and looked to my father desperately. He reached out and took her hand consolingly, but lightly pushed me off the couch.
“Go.” he said using all of his strength to sound cheerful. “Tell Jacob to check in regularly, okay?”
I nodded and made it to the door in less than a second, not wanting them to change their minds. Felix looked at me curiously as I made it out the door- probably wondering where I was going. He was only inches from me as I shut the door abruptly in his face.

The damp air on my face as I flew through the thick forest distracted me from my earlier hysteria. I worked so hard blending into the human world it took moments like this to realize how much I held back. The trees around me blurred into oblivion but I moved through them effortlessly, dodging limbs and tree trunks without as much as a second thought. I ran so fast it didn’t even feel like my feet hit the ground, and when the terrain became more rugged I took to the trees.
I leapt from the ground, grabbing limbs of trees easily thirty feet from the forest floor, and flinging myself into the air with more force than necessary. I could clear a full football field in seconds, catching a random branch of a spruce tree before resetting myself to the forest floor at full speed. It was exhilarating- I closed the two hour drive to La Push in twenty minutes easily.
Once over the old treaty line that existed in a past life, I could smell Jacob’s scent. His soft and distinct smell I was so accustomed to stood out easily against all the other scents. I slowed my pace out of courtesy. Who knows what Jacob had said to them about vampires, and even thought I knew they were well attuned to my scent, there was no need startle them. I wasn’t running thought I wasn’t exactly walking either. After a few minutes I picked up a familiar scent not more than five feet from me and I realized I was being followed. I turned on my heel to stand nose to nose with six foot sandy blond wolf.
If I hadn’t grown up around this pack I probably would have been frozen in fear. Instead, I reached out and smacked this wolf playfully across the nose.
“Ugh, Seth! Cut it out…this isn’t exactly the best time for scare tactics!” Despite my playful tone the words spluttered out frantically. The deep throaty sound of what I figured was a laugh resounded off the trees around us. The wolf bumped his head up against me affectionately.
“Where’s Jacob?” I asked.
He couldn’t talk but his body language said enough. He turned around and with one quick look over his shoulder he bolted into the trees. I followed him easily towards a small area of woods that bordered the La Push reservation. We only traveled a few miles before we had Seth had slowed to a jog. I matched his pace as we made our way to the gathering. The forest broke into a small clearing not more than fifty yards wide and I looked around to see a half dozen wolves scattered around.

Sam and Leah were in their human forms on the outskirts of the group as and I saw Jacob materialize from the border for trees barefoot, in only a pair of blue athletic shorts. The moonlight broke over the clearing and the light shined on his perfect, rugged features. He crossed the distance to us easily in four steps and scooped me up into his arms. Even with all these witnesses, for that one moment, it felt like just the two of us. I wrapped my arms around his massive shoulders and smashed my face in his neck, tears streaming. He put his huge hands against the sides of my head forcing my face away from him and wiped the tears from my cheeks with his thumbs. He let my body slip down him so I stood on the ground with my face in his chest. I didn’t know what to say or where to start, I couldn’t stop sobbing.
He put his hand on the back of my head stroking my hair soothingly. I could feel Sam and the rest of the pack converge on us wanting to know the details of the evening, but at the same time keeping their distance.
“Just tell me what happened,” Jacob encouraged, “we’ll make sure you’re safe, I promise.”

I choked back the sobs and took a deep breath…….

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