Part 11 is finished finally!! I hope you all like it!!! If you want to read the other parts you can search for them in the forum under: First Light-Renesmee and Jacob's Story part 1.....11. Thanks for all the comments!!!

We made the drive from La Push to Forks in record time. It was torture as we had to pry ourselves off the beach, away from our perfect night together, but we both knew we couldn’t escape our fate for long- or my fate at least. Jacob kept the gas pedal floored as until we had almost reached the winding road leading to our house snapping the silver phone shut as we turned onto the driveway.
He had been on the phone with my father practically the entire way home, getting all the details of Alice’s newest vision.
I felt every bit of the bliss from our wedding night slither off of me as we pulled into the garage. Jacob parked my father’s car in it’s normal spot and cut the engine.
“It looks like Emmett and Rose made it back last night,” I said eying their car on the opposite side of the garage.
“Perfect. I have been working on new material to use on Barbie.” I was sure under normal circumstances humor would have colored his statement, but his words sounded strained.

I sat still in the front seat with my hand on the door handle, but I couldn’t bring myself to open it. I sat staring at the wall through the car window. Jacob took my hand in his and kissed the top of it lightly letting his lips trail up my arm. He pulled me softly so that I leaned up against him and wrapped his arms around me.
“I love you” he whispered into my hair.
I dropped my hand from the door handle and reach around to embrace him. I wanted to tell him to start the car and we would just run for it, but I thought of my family inside and how hurt they would be. Plus, it wasn’t very practical- we couldn’t keep running forever. No, I would go in and face my destiny head on.
I took a deep breath and pulled myself out of Jacob’s arms. Be brave, I thought as I flung the car door open and walked out of the garage slamming the door behind me. Jacob fell into step behind me as I kept a deliberate, slow human pace towards the house.
“Ugh!” he said disgusted.
“What?” I looked over beside me to see him twist his face around into a sour expression.
“That smell….it’s awful. I feel like I snorted ice water up my nose” he replied.
He crinkled his nose at the scent filling the air. I could smell it too. It was the same sweet smell of my family all blended together, but each individual blend was distinct….and greatly amplified so I knew the Volturi were here.
“I thought you’d be used to it by now,” I said trying to keep my tone light.
I didn’t want anymore confrontation between the wolves and the guard. We would all have work as a team soon.
A wry smile spread across his face.
“For the most part, but these vamps smell different…probably the all you can eat human buffet they stopped at on the way.”
I chuckled a little under my breath at his candor regarding vampires. I had only really been exposed to one type of lifestyle so I had no problem adhering to our family’s rules, but I also knew how powerful the scent and taste of human blood could be.
“Not everyone is like us, Jake. Try to remember they are here to help, okay? Besides, they know our rules…they won’t be feeding here.”
He shuddered a little on the reference to feeding.
“Dirty leeches”
“Hey, easy on the profanity! I’m half vampire, in case you forgot?” I knew he wasn’t referring to me specifically, but I still couldn’t help the retort.
He unscrewed the repulsive expression from his face immediately and replaced it with a sly smile.
“Yeah, but only the good half,” he said jokingly.
I didn’t have time for a witty response because we had started walking up the steps to the front door. I could hear the symphony of trilling voices inside. I drew in another deep breath and opened the door.

I had never seen our living room more crowded. My family was inside along with the Volturi and what seemed to be nearly the whole guard. The beauty was blinding- a sea of perfect faces. I inhaled deeply as the sweetness washed over my face- it was almost tangible. I quickly looked over at Jacob to make sure he was okay.
Thankfully, the repulsive mask was gone, but he stiffened and it looked like he was trying to hold his breath.
I was positive they had heard the car pull in, or at least caught our scent as we were walking up, but they politely pretended as if our entrance was a surprise. Jacob shut the door and came to stand behind me wrapping his hands around my shoulders protectively. My family was sitting on the couches, along with Aro and Caius, while the rest of the guard were scattered around the room. A flurry of heartbeats was coming from the dining room so I assumed Nahuel had decided to hide is unusually skittish sisters in there away from the rest of the vampires.
I hadn’t seen any of the Volturi guard since my early childhood, but their faces were permanently etched into my memory. I scanned the room taking in each face.
Jane and Alec had brought in chairs from the kitchen and were sitting together in the corner of the room. The “witch twins” as I had once heard them called. The name was fitting- they looked nearly identical with their wispy brown hair and angel faces-if there was such a think as angels with demon eyes.
They must have been turned at a very early age. I would venture no older than twelve- they looked like two creepy children in a horror movie. Alec smiled at me but Jane didn’t have the slightest change in her expression. She just stared at me as I walked around the room.

My mother and father stood up in unison and walked over to embrace Jake and I. My mother’s face was glowing as she kissed me on both cheeks.
“Congratulations,” she whispered in an aside so low only Jacob and I could hear. I looked back and forth between my parents confused. I put my hands on their faces.
“They don’t know?” I asked with my thoughts.
She shook her head at me.
“Only you and dad know?” I affirmed.
Another quick shake of her head- this time a yes. I marveled at the confidentially of it all. My family never kept even the smallest secrets from each other and this one was huge. I was sure my father was going out of his mind, just bursting to tell someone.

I was also hoping to be able to share our news, but now that I thought more about it I decided it was better to keep it under wraps for now. There was nothing like inevitable combat to rain on a parade, I thought dryly.
Not wanting to spark any unnecessary curiosity at our peculiar little exchange my father turned us to face the rest of the guests.
“I am sure you all remember our daughter, Renesmee,” he introduced me politely.
There were some polite nods and murmurs in my direction. Aro was the only member of the Volturi to speak. He stood up and turned to look at me with the most delighted expression.

“Ah, Dearest Renesmee!! Of course, we remember you!” he pealed out joyously, clapping his hands together twice in rapid succession. I was taken aback by his sudden elation at seeing me again. He had the level of enthusiasm a small child would have on Christmas day…after receiving pony.
“And I see we have the honor of your friend Jacob Black as well. How lovely!” he continued taking a step in our direction. Jacob instinctively grabbed me around the waist to pull me back, but I planted my feet firmly and shot him a cautioning look. Aro certainly didn’t miss our quick exchange, but he continued as if nothing happened. He looked Jacob up and down curiously but bemused.
“I almost didn't recognize you.....It is nice to see you in your human form, Jacob,” he continued.

Jacob remained still but you feel the tension rolling off him like a tidal wave. His hand dug into my side and I had to tap it lightly to remind him to loosen his grip. Aro sensed his obvious tension and re-directed his attention to me instead.
“Why my dear girl, look at how you have grown! You are the vision of loveliness. I dare say the resemblance is so like both of your parents- a perfect blending of both.”
He looked over his shoulder to Caius who hadn’t bothered to shift his position enough to even look in our direction.
“Wouldn’t you agree, Caius? Hasn’t she turned into the most alluring young woman?” he asked.
Caius looked over his shoulder and looked me up and down with his cold eyes, but didn’t speak. I swallowed nervously under his intense scrutiny. He caught Aro's eye and gave him a frustrated expression as if having to address any of us directly was beneath him.
“Yes...she looks lovely,” he said dully.
Aro’s enthusiasm didn’t falter as he turned back around to me. His paper skin looked like it would peel away as the smile spread on his face. He took another step towards us so we were only an arms distance apart.
“And no doubt still as gifted as you were as a child,” he said knowingly, holding his hand out in front of him gesturing for me to take it.
I kept my hands securely wrapped around Jacob’s arm refusing to move. I didn’t want to give him any chance to read my thoughts if I could help it. I looked down at the floor unable to verbally voice my aversion to this type exchange. My father finally broke the silence.
“She still has her gift Aro, but given our history we should be past the need for demonstrations. We all are too well acquainted with each other’s abilities. Wouldn’t you agree?”
I didn’t look up but I could still feel Aro’s eyes on me as he addressed my father again. His voice was just as light as the first time, but you could hear a tinge regret in his response.
Of course, my dear Edward. You know I mean only to see the truth with my gift.” He explained. “We came here to help your family unconditionally.”
”Thank you, Aro.” My father replied sincerely.
I peeked up through my eyelashes and saw that Aro had turned towards my father. I scanned the rest of the room quickly. The guard was still in the same place as they were when we came in but everyone’s attention was focused on our conversation. Felix and Demetri had moved closer and were standing against the wall listening, but they looked relaxed.
“Of course, one could argue that your lack of cooperation is because you are hiding something from us” Aro hinted but made his tone playful.
My father stiffened at Aro’s words but kept his face serene. Very subtly he turned his head to the left and raised his chin. To someone less acquainted with him, it would look like a very natural thing someone would do if they were thinking. However, I could tell he was putting forth a great effort to listen to Aro’s thoughts.
“I suppose you could argue it that way, if you were inclined to,” he agreed, “but I could say the same for your company as well. Your thoughts have been heavily guarded since you arrived, Aro.”
Aro frowned at the direction this conversation was headed and then he waived his hand in the air dismissively.
“Friends!” he addressed my whole family now. His jovial tone had returned., “we have much to work out in a short time. We shouldn’t waste time bickering.”

The rest of the guard stirred with these new words. Demetri and Felix ghosted to Aro’s side looking at him anxiously to give them instructions.
“Take the Cullens outside on the lawn. I want everyone to know their places tomorrow.” he instructed.
The change in Aro’s tone was shocking as he barked the orders to the rest of the guard. They all stood as one unit and I stared after them, in awe of the fluidity of their movements, as they filed one by one out the door onto the front yard. Aro followed after them with Demetri and Felix inches behind.

My family remained inside for a few moments. Carlisle stood close to my father and whispered in his ear so quietly we all had to strain to hear him.
“Were you able to decipher anything from his thoughts?” he asked.
My father nodded a quick no at him.
“He is keeping his thoughts controlled around me,” he explained. “I can’t tell if he is hiding something or he just doesn’t like the fact I have the advantage of hearing from a distance. I can’t say that I can blame him…I don’t want him touching any of us if we can help it”
Carlisle nodded in agreement and then turned to Jacob. Jacob looked at him like he already knew what he was going to say.
“I have to go talk to Sam. We’ll meet you in the clearing just before dawn…if anything changes call me.?” he said looking to my father.
I felt my stomach turn a somersault as Jacob let go of my shoulders. He stepped around so he was able to look down at me, and pulled me tight against him. I leaned up on my tiptoes so our noses were touching.
”I love you” I whispered against his lips.
He parted my lips with his and kissed me softly at first but the passion slowly built as his lips moved desperately with mine. I normally would have been mortified kissing this way in front of my entire family but I didn’t care now. This may be the last time I would ever kiss him. He moved his lips to my wrist kissing my wedding band and pulled me into a tight bear hug. He looked over my head and spoke to my father.
“Take good care of her,” he ordered as he passed me from his embrace to my father’s waiting arms. He turned on his heel and walked straight out the door. He paused to look over his shoulder just once with a pained expression and then he was gone…..

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awwwww .Omqqq -- keep qoinq .. Nessiiee && Jacob iss too cutee toqether ! && ii def. dnt trust the VOlturi . not one bit !
hone, this is excellent!!!!!
A M A Z I N G, as always!!! Thanks!!!
Omg this is absolutey amazing I love renesmee and Jacobs relationship awwwwh your an amazing writer
Omg this is absolutey amazing I love renesmee and Jacobs relationship awwwwh your an amazing writer
Omg the volturi are up to something fishy bellalove you are wonderwoman please continue with your spellbinding tales as always you've blown me away thankyou so much love ya mrs Cullen x x
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Marvelous dahling!!!!!
wow keep it coming hon

so looking forward to what happens next .

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Amazing but what a surprise in that, This is going so good that it pains me to stop here... Thanx keep it going plz...
amazing! i love it so far. How many parts are there altogether because i have only just started reading this?

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