I just wanted to point out that after reading this book, I have found several things that don't make sense in actual vampire folklore. I admire changes made to vampire that make them better, but not ones that make them seem like pixies.

Vampires are supposed to be undeniably sexy, alright I will give you that one. But I don't find Edward Cullen to be sexy at all, and it is more to capture humans to drink from than it is for anything else. Vampires do not breathe or have a pulse and as a result are very cold. This is a defence mechanism to prevent hunters from finding and killing them. Vampires will normally burn severely or catch fire when introduced to sunlight for too long. Unless of course this vampire happens to be a day walker, at which point they will suffer mild headaches.

I can't stress this enough, but vampires have fangs. These are needed to pierce the flesh of the person they are feasting upon. Vampires will hardly ever feast from an animal unless starved. It is always hospital blood packs or humans.

Vampires can not touch water. This weakens them severely and can kill them if they are in it for long enough. Religious icons and garlic are mildly irritating to vampires depending on how strong they are. Weaker fledgling vampires will be severely weakened and easier to kill after having these used on them.

I would also like to point out, that in this book... Bella is jailbait. Edward is over one hundred years old and he had sex with a girl that was one hundred years YOUNGER than him. I find that greatly disturbing. Yes, vampires can live for a long time but they will not copulate with humans.

Edward Cullen is also extremely abusive towards Bella if you have not noticed. Although Bella was indecisive, it is her choice on who she wants to be with and tearing her car apart is not going to make her lean against you any more than she was before. If I were in that situation I would have kicked his ass to the curb immediately following that. It is one thing to try and lock the person up, it's a completely different story when you destroy their car.

Is it just me or is Bella also surprisingly easy? I'm not sure if I would give a vampire my entire trust right away, I would still be quite worried that he would try to turn me into a concubine. There is also the entire Master-Servant vampire thing where whoever turns you into a vampire is your master and until you have taken their blood you are not free to make your own choices.

Also! Vampires to not inject nor to they ejaculate venom. Having sex with one will not kill you as that is often how they get their prey. It is not the venom, it is the fact that after they had sex with you they drained you of your blood and left you for dead unless they decided to turn you.

I myself write stories about vampires, and I admit, I make minor alterations, but to make them better and seem a little more fitting for the story. I'm sorry, but vampires just aren't cut out for sappy love stories and movies. Twilight reminds me of something I would see on fanfiction.net, because vampires truly are cold beings. Sure, they have soft spots for people they were raised with and fledglings and occasionally fall in love, but it would never happen like this even if vampires really existed.

Another problem I have is with what is happening to poor Robert Pattinson. From recent reading, I learned that deranged fans are now writing their phone numbers all over his car and trailer and saying that they belong together.

I have news for you, guys. He's got a girlfriend. He is never going to call you, unless it is to tell you never to leave your number on his vehicle again. I would appreciate it if you people would let him continue his life and ever so silently cheer him on rather than mobbing him wherever the hell he goes.

Go ahead, threaten me, flame me, do whatever, I don't care but I needed to get this out to one of the main Twilight sites because this is truly, truly out of hand and I'm sure many of the legitimate fans are aware of this. I have seen people starting to hate the book because of what the rabid fans are doing to cause issues. There have been several beatings and injuries toward people who don't like the book. I would like to add that a guy got ACID from a chemistry lab splashed in his face for simply saying he disliked the book, but did not make fun of it.

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I am not flaming or bashing you on this, because it is your opinion, and I agree, people should leave Robert Pattinson alone. I like him a lot, but he's gonna get into some bad things like drugs and things like that if this keeps going on. The guy already has anxiety attacks. Anyway, you are making fun of it, calling Edward Cullen an abuser and putting this under the tags "gay, vampires." Please don't. This is pro-Twilight site, and many people are gonna bash you for this. This is just a fun site for a lot of teens to get together on and share what we like. And we would all appreciate it if you took all of your "knowledge" to a different site where people will actually appreciate your posts. Thank you. Respect other people's opinions, just like I respected yours just now.
Ok Im not saying that what you think is wrong but I hope you do realize that you ARE on a twifan website and bashing the whole thing is not doing anyone any good. Vampires are fictional characters which means that people can write about them however they want and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

I really dont mean to be rude but for one what gives you the right to say that everything that stephaniie has written about vamps is wrong. For two who the hell actually knows whether Rob has a girlfriend other than himself. Also saying that the age of edward compared to bella is wrong is worng of YOU to say because there are random people today that marry others that are thirty years older than them.

I do agree with the fact that the fans need to leave rob alone. I have witten a discussion on that myself. Now I have know idea whether what you say about some guy getting acid splashed on them is true but I think you need to realize that this book is popular for a reason. Im not saying that its right what they did. dont get me wrong.

I will say that I didnt like that Twilight movie when I first saw it, but that is for completely different reasons than yours. There was not enough money spent on the film and I think that was its down fall on its reviews. The important thing is the books and that is ALL.
yea good points on them but maybe a a twilight fan community site is not the best place to air them lol, you'll probably get quite a lot of heavy criticism (:
but can i just say that all of the original stories have also been creatively made by someone, they are not fact so if someone wants to take their own approach on it then that should be acceptable, instead of being criticised for not sticking to the more wider known qualities that have been written about many times.
but year, fair points about rob pattinson, he did an interview that i saw, where he said he's hating going out atm, and wants to move back to england, coz the fans here are more rational and believe in personal space.
Ok so you say all Vampires are the same. Well sorry but if thats true well there won't be any good story's thay would all say Thay have fangs thay can't be in the sun thay have to have blood then say what THE END.Everyone can have there own view on this but why come to a fan page to talk trash? If you dont like it good for you. But why come here to do it ?We don't want any drama on here.We are all here because we like Twilight.So you don't like good for you. So why do you come here then?
You are contradicting yourself here. First you write vampires will never copulate with humans and then you say that they use sex to get to their prey.
Also we know vampires aren't real, so how we know vampires is what came together out of legends and stories, but don't forget that books and movies already made alterations to vampires out the legends.
So why can't someone come up with a complete different look on vampires? I mean basically Twilight isn't a wiki about vampires. Nor is it about vampires in se. There is more in the story, the vampires could have been giant talking butterflies for all I care.

And ok it isn't nice of Edward to take a part from bella's car, but that isn't the main point. In the books it isn't the first time that happend. Remember the dance? Bella said she wouldn't go. When she is in her room with Edward and her dad comes in to check if she is in her bed Edward tells her in the morning that Charlie already left after reatatching her batterie cables.

"no offence but who cares if a guy got acid in his face"? I don't know... Maybe the guy that got acid thrown in his face by a rabid twihard fan? There was once a case where a chick overheard three people dissing Twilight and talking about how much it sucked, and then she attempted to murder them with a rocket flare. WHO CARES, RIGHT? LOLLERS. Let's all throw acid in people's face just for kicks! Sure, I feel bad for Pattinson but I feel more bad for the guy that had acid thrown into his face because of the result of Twilight. I feel sorry for all the victims who've been hurt simply because they didn't like Twilight. What do you have to say about yourself now?

(Like you wouldn't care if you got acid thrown in your face *rolls eyes*)

+All fear Cola Marie Team JW+ said:

no offense but who cares if a guy got acid in his face
i feel bad for rob also and these fans are crazy, but i wouldnt go crazy on him. i might faint and just hyperventilate but tht is all
stephenie wrote these books bcuz she had a dream about them and she thought about writing them and publishing them to see wht the fans are going to react
yes, i wouldnt attack rob myself but i might blurt out his name and hyperventilate but i wouldnt like mob him
i feel bad for him tht he gets anxiety attacks all im gonna say to his fans is F*** OFF AND GIVE HIM SOME SPACE!!!!!! (excuse my language)
this is a twifan site and you can go to some other site tht says twilight sux and wht not and some ppl might agree with u there
im not flaming or bashing or threatening u i was just saying these things
edward cullen is not an abuser, she trusts him to protect her
and yes in the last book shes turned into a vamp by edward
and there are many ways vampire tales are told, this one is tht they have gold or red eyes and they can go out in sunlight and act like a human, they have venom coated teeth and they dont have fangs

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