In Breaking Dawn; Who wuld you want to play the role of Tanya?


For thoose of you who don´t know, Tanya is a Vampire and the leader of the Denali Coven. And like the Cullen Family, Tanya and her coven also live the "vegetarian" lifestyle, feeding on wild animal blood rather than humans. She was in love with Edward, but he never shown interest in her.


I think Kay Panabaker wuld be good for tthat role.



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Immagine her with Strawberry Blonde (curly) hair and golden eyes...I think she wuld be perfect for Tanya. But who do you want?...And what do you think about my choice?

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wow...Oh my God! This the same way that I imagine Tanya!
Other opinion...well I think Isla Fisher could play Tanya but she is too old so..I choose Kay! =)
ness: I totally agree with you! She looks like she would be a good Tanya
i think carmen electra would be a good actor to play tanya
mmm idk but i hope is someone good like the one u pick she is good to play tanya:)
She's a pretty good actress and would be great... Isla Fisher is pretty good too. Truth is there are so many young actresses that could make or break that role. Its a tough one.
i think rachel mcadams she's that pretty girl, and i think she would be good with tanya (:

yea she would be perfect for tanya
I think Izabella Miko would be a great Tanya...I have always imagined her as Tanya on my mind when reading the books! Izabella Miko was one of the principal actors in Save the Last Dance 2.
wow...they're so many "Tanya" in this world..:))
I think Louisiana Lopilato would be the perfect Tania.
I love that idea!
I hate sienna miller, and the girl that you prefer dear Petra dosen't have the shine that the Tania's role needs,
my opinion always.
Yaa! i agreee :)
i agree with you guys... shes good for the role...

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