In Breaking Dawn; Who wuld you want to play the role of Tanya?


For thoose of you who don´t know, Tanya is a Vampire and the leader of the Denali Coven. And like the Cullen Family, Tanya and her coven also live the "vegetarian" lifestyle, feeding on wild animal blood rather than humans. She was in love with Edward, but he never shown interest in her.


I think Kay Panabaker wuld be good for tthat role.



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Immagine her with Strawberry Blonde (curly) hair and golden eyes...I think she wuld be perfect for Tanya. But who do you want?...And what do you think about my choice?

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wow i'm really impressed.... this is the way i thought she will be!!! as always u right!!!!! -smiles-
i think she totally fits the character!!
that looks it could be tanya but i little bit older i would say
yea she does look like shes fitts the part for the movie
i like her for her.
blake livley? but i think she may be a bit to tall
i think that would be a really good choice i wonder who would be the other cast

i thought this women would be a great tanya

does anyone agree she is beautiful thats Alicis Witt
You know this is so weird that this discussion popped up because I was just thinking about this just the other day. And btw: Kay Panabaker is a bit too young. She's like 16/17. Tanya is a woman.

Anyways, I was looking at pictures of Rachel McAdams and I was like: Omg, she could work. She's pretty, her hair could be re-colored a little, she's a woman, not a teenager and she's beautiful.

She's a woman, she's stunning, she's got that reddish hair...I love her for it.

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