(If you have not checked out the prolgue to this first. I would reccomend it. Just to get the charachter background first. It will help you understand the charachter better. You can find it at this link: http://www.twifans.com/forum/topics/fanfic-titled-forced-imitation?...)

Chapter 1

It was dark outside and cold. I was not meaning to cry but could not help it. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back through my tears.
She looked so delicate and beautiful sitting next to me in the Jeep she was driving. No one else but us two. I knew she was lethal even though her appearance said otherwise. I was nothing like her. I was average, the girl next door as they were called now a day. My brother used to make fun of me and call me the Brown Selena Gomez. That used to make me so mad.
Now I just wished I could hear and see him again.
I tried to control the crazy burst of emotion coursing through my body. I turned and looked at my soon to be killer. “Why do you want me?”
She seemed unaffected by my tears or my unsteady voice. “I told you, you are rare and special. There are many who want you, but I have gotten to you first. So you will be mine.”
“What do you mean many?” I was confused there were more that wanted me? More of what?
“You have been watched and they left you I don’t know why. I know though that they would not waste an effort to leave you alive if you were not special.”
“Ok so what is the deal…?”
She hit the brakes of the Jeep to a sudden stop. We were in the middle of a dark forest. I could not see anything. Maria came around to my side in a flash and helped me out of the Jeep. I don’t remember anything but being yanked and feeling like I was flying through the air.
I felt sick when she stopped, but I did not even have time to faint. My brother was there right in front of me. He was lurching towards me. I could not understand why he looked so pained. I ran towards him, but felt steel bands surround my waist and arms instantly.
“I would not get close to him. He is a newborn wanting nothing but blood, even if you are his sister.” She said so quickly I barley caught it.
It was true he was screaming and writhing trying to get to me. Three large marbled looking soldiers surrounded him. Holding him back.
“They are protecting him?” I asked crying.
I heard her laugh behind me “NO of course not. They are protecting you from him.”
I could not believe it. I knew what he was becoming. He was one of them! My brother was now someone I needed protection from. I was done and ready to die, if she felt provoked oh well. I did not care anymore.
“Ok what is it? What do you want? I am tired of this crap. I have no one else left so tell me what you want and I will do it. Even if my brother is a vampire he is still alive in a way. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?”
“Calm down sweet!” Maria chimed not caring that I was now on my knees on the ground.
“I want you to join us and vow to be loyal only to me. We will keep and teach your brother the ways of things as long as you do this. Any special abilities you have will be used for my purposes only”
“You want me to become a vampire?” I was shocked.
What she said next caught me off guard. She said it with passion “Not just any vampire. You will be so special you will help get my love back. My Jasper. He should be my number one general, you will be my weapon and he will be my support.”
“Please choose someone else I am not who you are looking for.” I screamed, so afraid of the passion in her voice.
I can tell I made her mad. She flashed over by my 6 foot tall brother took his thick neck between her hands. At the same time the guards were pulling at his arms. “Enough Angelic you make your decision now or he dies. I could change you without asking. However I am looking for your vow of loyalty.” You have 10 seconds.” Her red eyes piercing into mine.

“Fine I will do what you want. Just let him live.” My brother looked at me with hungry eyes but with sorrow as well. I could see he was still Xavier. I would do this for him.
Maria was at my side so fast her teeth ready to plunge into my neck. When I heard one word that seemed to come from the dark. That word seemed to send fire through Maria as I have never seen before. The word was PAIN! I turned to find a small blond cherub young girl and a young boy next to her. There eyes as red as Maria or maybe even more vivid.
“Hello Angelic, please follow me.” The blond beautiful girl chimed. The young boy next to her carrying a satisfied smile on his face.
“Who are you?” I cried. Maria was no longer twitching in pain but seemed to be frozen in the stare the young man gave her.
“We are here to take you to where you need to go. My name is Jane and this is Alec. We will be your protectors for now.”
“Wait but you are vampires!” I said not believing them.
“We must hurry come with us now and be quite.” The vampires my guards in Maria’s words seemed also be frozen but still holding my brother. My brother also seemed like he was numb almost.
“Wait what about my brother? I will not go anywhere without him,” I vowed.
Jane smiled patiently but seemed also to demand, “We do not have time for newborns he will stay here.”
“They will kill him if I leave! No just KILL me then! I will not go anywhere without my brother.” I could see by the face she made she understood I meant my words.
“You are as annoying as Bella! Fine I can make no promise that is up to Demetri and his orders. However I will do this much.” She stopped looking at me and turned towards Maria. “Alec release the woman.”
“Yes sister.” When he blinked in Maria’s direction she jumped up facing in a crouch.
“Maria” Jane demanded her attention. “She is coming with us, and you will not harm her brother. If you do you know what kind of damage we will do to your pitiful little army. Am I understood?”
Maria seemed reluctant but seemed to be resigned to the idea. “I will keep him with me alive Volturi witch. I will get Angelic back she belongs with me and her brother.”
Jane smiled as if she was looking at Maria like an immature child. “Maria you really make me laugh. You are so amusing!”
Maria’s face contorted and she made a lunge for me. That is when I blacked out…..

Preview to Chapter Two
When I woke up I was looking at the ceiling of my hovel I recognized the feeling of my sheets. I was home. It was all a bad nightmare.
I started to smile feeling groggy.
“Well she is in a good mood.” I heard the most beautiful voice say. At first I thought it was my brother so I smiled wider my eyes still closed. That voice was much too sweet. I opened my eyes and jolted out of bed so fast, I found myself face to face with the most magnificent man I had ever seen in my life. I felt like I was till in danger but safe. How does that make sense? I should have been running, but I sat there clinging to his coat. His eyes were red garnets and his mouth so close to wanting kiss it.
“Well hello! My name is Demetri are you feeling ok?” His breathe caressed my face with the scent of I have never smelled before.
I was stunned by his gaze. “What... What... I mean umm. Who am I?
His laugh carried in the small room.
“Well you are Angelic and I am Demetri.”
No he has it wrong! He was the Dark Angel and I was Dead.

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Wow... I really enjoyed this chickee.. can't wait for the rest of the chapter 2.
You are very, very good :)
I love how you have brought some of the characters back.. helps me put faces to the names..
Very well written. ( Not that i'm a writer or anything.. i just read ALOT!! )
Keep it up.

And Btw, Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year x x x
Great now you know my secret. I am TeamEdward for Bella! But Team Dark Angel for Me! LOL
HEADS UP- Posting up Chapter 3 now
this is awesome!
whoa. just whoa. so she's falling in lovewith demitri in this?? wow i never would have thought to do that. i'm incorperating maria ito my fanfiction, but not like that. nice touches!!! i love you're style very atural and well descriptive. keep it going! team dark angel for sure!!

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