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Chapter Two

When I woke up I was looking at the ceiling of my hovel I recognized the feeling of my sheets. I was home. It was all a bad nightmare.
I started to smile feeling groggy.
“Well she is in a good mood.” I heard the most beautiful voice say. At first I thought it was my brother so I smiled wider my eyes still closed. That voice was much too sweet. I opened my eyes and jolted out of bed so fast, I found myself face to face with the most magnificent man I had ever seen in my life. I felt like I was till in danger but safe. How does that make sense? I should have been running, but I sat there clinging to his coat. His eyes were red garnets and his mouth so close to wanting kiss it.
“Well hello! My name is Demetri are you feeling ok?” His breathe caressed my face with the scent of I have never smelled before.
I was stunned by his gaze. “What... What... I mean umm. Who am I?
His laugh carried in the small room.
“Well you are Angelic and I am Demetri.”
No he has it wrong! He was the Dark Angel and I was dead.
He answered me as if he knew what I was thinking. "You are not dead, that I can promise you."
"Everything is real? Where is my brother? Who are you? Wait can you read minds too?"
He chuckled at my questions, and through everything he was still holding on to me.
"Ok let me see if I can get your scattered questions in to order." He mused through the most attractive smile I had seen in my life. He was making me weak in the knees.
"First yes everything is real, and your brother is still with Maria."
"But...." I tried to interrupt but he was not having it. He put his finger on my mouth to stop me. It was ice cold, it made my body tingle.
"I am sorry, but I am following orders, but if you behave I will make a personal promise to you to do everything I can to keep him alive. He seems rather special to you so I can understand. Now back to your questions, my name is Demetri like I had told you before. I am here to take you to someone who can offer you the world. And lastly, no I can not read your mind, although I do know a rather obnoxious person who could. However I can read your eyes. I have been reading them for quite sometime.
“What do you mean you have been reading them for quite sometime?” That is when it hit me I jumped up to the other side of the room. “It is you, you are the reason Maria took my brother. She knew you were watching me, she waited till you left to make me part of her little army.”
Demetri tried to take my hands in his, but seeing that he anticipated it made me try to shove him. That was not so smart; I bruised my wrists and arms trying to push him away.
“Please Angelic; I am trying to help you understand. I do not want to hurt you. I am here because I want to help.”
I looked at him like he sprouted tentacles. “You thought you were helping me? Really? You have got be kidding me. They have taken my brother and made him a monster how is that helping me?”
“Just tie her up and get her to shut up Demetri, I am tired of her complaining!” Jane came into the room from the kitchen looking utterly annoyed.
“Jane back off and let me handle this!” Demetri warned in a menacing tone.
“You know Demetri if Heidi found out that you were protecting the girl past measures she would get a little jealous. You don’t want her taking it out on this poor girl.” Jane smiled mischievously.
Demetri roared and caused me tremble. “ENOUGH Jane! I am taking care of it the way I see fit. What Heidi thinks is none of my concern. Where is Alec?”
“He went to check on the girl’s brother to see if he is still alive. I would like it if Maria killed him that way I can get rid of her.”
“No, I have had enough of this. I will do what it takes to keep my brother alive. Just don’t let her cause my brother’s death.” I made myself not look at Demetri. He made me stutter! How could I be so stupid to have these weird feelings for a monster? I was glaring at Jane the same way she was glaring at me. At least for now I knew they needed me to much to hurt me so I knew I could taunt her.
“Angelic, you don’t know how much I would love in the future to see you go up against Jane. For now though we are in a hurry and need to get you home.”
“Home? I am home.” I objected to my dark angel.
He smiled showing his perfect white teeth. “NO sweetheart not here. We are going to Volterra.”
“Where is that?” I did not think he would answer me.
The smile never left his face. It was like they were inviting me on a vacation. I could laugh if my brother’s life was not hanging on a thin thread. “It is in Italy, and that is where you will meet my master Aro.”

Preview Chapter 3

Demetri POV
How I longed to see her again. This was completely insane thinking of a human this way. Maybe it was because I knew what she was meant to be. I had found Aro’s next treasure and was being rewarded with great things because of it. I felt dirty though accepting the prizes. I had never felt guilt in vampire form. I did not like it. Emotions were something I was not used to. However ever since I first saw her I have been feeling these emotions coursing through my body. From Lust to Jealousy I felt them all. I wanted to pick up this Angelic creature and run away with her. Turn her myself and make her mine forever. My wish would never come true she was to be Aro’s prized possession. She was the shield Aro yearned for. Ever since the face off with the Cullen’s he craved for this power. Now it was within reach. I was the one to deliver her.
I did not want to give her to Aro; I wanted to keep her for myself.

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Love it love it, did I mention I looove it!!!
Hey Angelina.. Long time no speak :)
How have you been ??
Was just re-reading your story and was wondering if you have posted the rest of chapter 3 ??
ness:this is getting too good! I can't stand it! lol!! PLZ let me kno when chap 3 is done!!!
uhh lust much??? i'm glad demitri has finaly found someone he an love. maybe he'll leave the volturi. i mean its leagal, right? i really want to see what happens next. shpter three is up, right?

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