Chapter One
Forever Doomed
I was walking the empty streets of Forks Washington. I knew that there was a coven of vampires just outside of town, and a werewolf pack at the reservation. So I tried to stay away from the areas that you could smell them better. I knew they would think of me as a threat, because they wouldn't know what I was. I don't even know what I am and I don't think I ever will. I was forever doomed to be a wander, a loner, I was never going to find someone to love me. Someone to love.

I started heading to the little house I had bought yesterday. I had already filled it with all my cloths and things I have collected over the years. Once I got to the house I opened the door and was hit with a scent, I couldn't tell what it was it almost smelt like human but it didn't make my mouth water. I only had to feed every few years so I never had to worry about my restraint. But this scent was different, it was a mixture of something.

"Well hello, we have been waiting for you to come home." A voice said from the shadows of my home. I spun around and let out a snarl. I felt my body shifting animals were flashing threw my brain trying to pick the most deadliest animal I knew. Right before I picked my arms were being held behind my back.

"YOU BETTER LET ME GO, OR I SWEAR TO GOD YOU WILL NOT HAVE A THROAT TO BREATH THREW IN 5 SECONDS!" I snarled, I felt someone bring there head next to mine.

"Shh, relax, we won't hurt you." A man whispered into my ear, I spun my head around and tried to bite the guy holding me. "Easy there girl." He said with a chuckle avoiding my teeth completely. I just snarled, I heard a giggle from the shadows.

"If you don't let me go I will kill of you Cullen's" I snarled again. I hated threatening, I was normally a very nice person, but I couldn't stand people coming into my house and grabbing me. And trust me, it happens more than you think.

"How do you know the Cullen's?" The man holding me asked, he voice was so sexy, I wanted to curl into his arms and stay there forever.

"I did a bit of research before I came here, I figured out that as long as I stayed away from the hot spot smells, I would be safe. Obviously I was wrong." I spit at him, I could see his white teeth in the darkness.

"Well come on, you are going to meet my family." The person in the shadows said coming out of the shadows.

Chapter Two
Forever Scared
"What if I don't want to meet your family? You know I could live without meeting lots of people and your family was on the list of people I really don't need to meet." I said, I was starting to get really scared, I wanted to live I really didn't want to die.

"Darlin, when we want to meet you, you can't say no. Sorry" The man said into my ear, I felt his lips brush my neck, I shivered with excitement. I had to calm myself, I couldn't be crushing on the enemy, no matter how much his voice made me shiver. "Come on, everyone is real excited to meet you." He said picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

"Rider, I will drive, I think you can handle her for now, once we get home we can pass her to Emmett and Jasper." The girl said, I knew everyone's names except these 2 vampires. I could tell 'Rider' was one but the other one had only the faint smell of vampire.

They started walking towards my front door. I tried to picture myself somewhere else, then I remembered I could use my power on them. I was going to give them the memory that I didn't exist, and go back in time and pick another place to live.

They put me into a really nice car so I decided that it was the perfect time. I felt my eyes start to sparkle I could feel my mind enter there's. Darlin, don't try it. I can make you change your mind if I have to. I heard Rider think. I was shocked I gasped and pulled out of his mind. I had never gone into someone's mind and hear there thoughts and them hear me. Rider just started chuckling.

"Brother, what's so funny?" The girl in the front seat said. Brother? There were siblings?

"Nothing, just Haven." He said leaning back into his seat. He was so sure of himself. I rolled my eyes and leaned back into the car seat.

Chapter Three
Forever Stranded
I was trying not to panic. I could never trust vampires. They lie and cheat to survive. So who knew what they would do to me if they didn't like me.

I was still in the car but I could feel it slowing down. I hoped it was slowing down because a the like only stop light in town was red, or that we were coming to a stop sign. Rider and his sister haven't said a word since my little attempt to get into there minds. I knew I would never want to do that again. I hated the way I felt after our minds connected, how I loved the feeling, how our souls and minds were one. I had to have control over myself never to do it again. I had to have control over my own mind. My own will power.

The car came to a sudden stop and I was wrenched forward onto Riders lap, I was so embarrassed I jump backwards but Rider was holding onto my waist.

"Are you getting fresh with me?" He said with a chuckle. I just pulled away from his arms and went back to my seat. This car was amazing. The back was like a limo, I had no idea what the front looked like though. "Don't bother sitting down, were here." He said opening the door and pulling me out of the car.

"You could be gentle with our guest Rider." Someone said behind me making me jump. I spun around and I was facing another vampire, this one looked alot like the girl, he had the same bronze hair but her eyes were prettier.

"I agree." He said to me. Oh he must be the Edward boy, the one who can read minds. But was she Bella, she looked nothing like her description.

"No, that is my daughter Renesmee, and Rider is my son." He said answering my thoughts, that could get annoying after awhile. Wait... Son?

"I thought vampires couldn't have babies and Bella was changed after her first born? It is impossible." I said, they weren't going to pull the wool over my eyes. There was nothing they were going to get by me.

"Well Bella is a rather strange vampire, but Rider isn't our son by blood, we found him in a crashed car a few years ago when he was still a baby and we took him, Bella convinced me to keep him till he turned 18 then we would change him, if that was what he wanted. And so here we are." He said looking deep into my eyes making me pull away from Riders grip and start walking into the house. I didn't know why I was walking towards my death, but all I kept thinking about was that I didn't want to know to much before I died, I just wish they would get a move on with it. I heard Edward laugh behind me then somone was holding me by the waist and picking my up like a little baby.

"We aren't going to kill you Haven, we actually want to ask you something." Rider said looking down into my eyes. I had never noticed but his eyes were really gold, like bright gold. But they were beautiful none the same.

"What do you want to ask me?" I asked, I was trying to get down by pulling on anything I could grab and I tried wiggling out of his tight grip.

"We wanna ask you if you want to become part of our family?" A pixie like girl said coming outside to join our little 'party'.

"You want me to what?" I couldn't believe my ears.

"Join our family." Rider said into my ear, his voice like every other time, made me shiver uncontrollably.

"I, um, I don't know what to say. That would be um." I didn't know how to answer the question.

"Awesome." The pixie girl said, "I can see you living with us already, so lets go shopping so we can get you some cloths then some furniture." The pixie girl said.

"Can I learn everyone's names first?" I asked.

"Oh right," She started, "I'm Alice, you know Rider, Edward, and Renesmee, that is Jasper," she said pointing to the man beside Edward, "Emmett and Rosalie," she pointed to a really big guy and a blond girl, "This is Bella," She added throwing her arm around the girl beside her, "and you already know Carlisle and Esme." She finished.

"Nice to meet you all, and I am sorry about not knowing what I am, I wish I did. But I promise I am less of a threat then you are." I said but I didn't see the reaction of everyone because Alice grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her car.

"Have fun." Rider called I just stuck out my tongue at him and let Alice drag me away to her car.

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good story
this is pretty cool...keep up da good work....pliss post da next chapter soon..:)
is dere anymore??? or r u going 2 rite more???
of course I will write more everyone... i promise... c:

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