I stood in the cafeteria for god knows how long, I watched as the number of people around me diminished. Once the school was almost empty, except for teachers and cleaners, I decided I should go home so my parents wouldn’t worry about where I was. I walked slowly across the room towards the door; I pushed the door open before me. The air outside was cool but warmer than most days, I walked across the car park, my car was the only one left in the student car park. Once inside my car I stepped on the gas, I was in more of a hurry now, I really didn’t want Mom and Dad to freak out to much. I arrived home around five o’clock. I rushed to the door and unlocked it with the key under the eave.
“Amy” a worried voice called.
I looked up to see Mom rush into the room, relief covered her face when she saw me.
“Oh thank goodness” she said “I was so worried about you”
“Sorry Mom, I got side tracked” I mumbled.
I looked at her and narrowed my eyes, she was wearing a white dress with thin shoulder straps, it was tight until her waist where it flared gracefully to rest on her knee.
“Why are you dressed up?” I asked suspiciously.
She looked down at herself.
“Oh” she said “where going to La Push tonight, your Dad’s upstairs getting ready, just for a nice dinner “
She smiled.
“You need to go get ready” she said hurriedly.
I sighed and walked up the stairs, I had a quick shower, the warm water helped me think, before changing into a royal blue dress which had a band just under my bust, then it flared out and rested just above my knee, it had a small diamond above the band. I then slipped on a pair of blue heels and gently curled my hair so it hung in ringlets in some places. I grabbed a jumper and swung it over my arm. I walked downstairs to find Mom and Dad waiting.
“Ok” I said “let’s go”
I walked past then out the door and got into the backseat of my Dad’s car, they both jumped into the front seat a mere second later. The entire drive there I didn’t say a thing, I just listened to Mom and Dad talk about their day and their work problems. I tuned out when Dad started talking about his job, I was thinking about Taylor when we pulled up outside his house. Taylor must have heard the car doors shut because he opened the front door before we reached it.
“Hey Taylor” Dad greeted, he held out his hand.
Taylor grasped it.
“Mr Greene” he replied.
Dad smiled.
“Please call me Dave and this is my wife Julie” he said.
Mom waved.
“And you know Amy” he said.
I looked at Taylor, he smiled.
“I believe we have met before” he said grinning.
We both looked at each other and laughed.
“Dad’s around back if you want to talk to him” Taylor said, his eyes never left mine.
Mom and Dad disappeared around the back, leaving Taylor and I alone.
We looked at each other.
“You look beautiful” he commented.
“You don’t look to bad yourself” I said about his white shirt and black pants “I can’t believe your actually wearing a shirt”
He laughed before taking a stride towards me and enclosing me in his arms, he pulled me tight against him, I wrapped my arms around his waist.
“I missed you” he whispered on my ear “so much, it’s like you took a part of me away with you”
I just nodded against his chest; he pulled back and looked at me.
“You hungry?” he asked.
I was going to lie but decided to tell the truth.
“Not really, no” I replied.
He smiled.
“You wanna talk a walk along the beach.” He suggested.
“Sure” I said.
We ended up walking along First Beach. I had ditched my shoes back at the house as had Taylor. We were walking along hand on hand, the sand soft under my feet. Sometimes the water would rush up and touch my feet. It was surprisingly warm. I sighed in contentment. Taylor looked down at me. He stopped and pulled me around to face him.
He brushed some hair out of my eyes.
“You’re so beautiful” he whispered.
He lent down, his lips brushed mine, and then my phone rang. I pulled it out.
“Hey sweetie it’s your Mom”
I paused confused.
“Your Dad and I are going home he has work to do, do you mind staying at Taylor’s tonight?” she asked.
“Um, sure that’s fine, I’ll see you tomorrow”
“Okay baby I love you” she said.
“Love you too”
I hung up and looked up at Taylor.
“Looks like there’s no rush to get back” I stated.
He smiled.
“Guess not” he said “well I don’t know about you but I personally think that water looks pretty tempting”
I laughed.
“I know I was thinking that before” I said.
“Well” he responded.
He unbuttoned his shirt and it slipped off his arms to reveal his muscular chest once again, then he walked out until he was thigh deep in water before he turned around.
“You coming?” he asked.
I looked at him.
“You’re serious” I said in disbelief.
He just turned and continued wading into the water. I sighed and unzipped my dress, the silk brushed against my legs as it slid to the ground. I felt bare in just my blue bra and underwear but I wasn’t swimming in my dress, it was too pretty to do that. I stepped into the warm water, when I was hip deep Taylor turned and stared at me, he watched me walk out to him. Once I reached him the water was just below my waist. I continued past him and dived into the water, it was nice against my bare skin, when I surfaced again I didn’t have much time to think, Taylor grabbed me in his arms again and his lips found mine. His warm hands clutched my waist and his lips were urgent against mine. I reached up and twined my fingers in his wet hair, I felt his hands slide around to the small of my back and bow my body against his. His muscular chest was warmer against the bare skin of my stomach, I could feel his warm breath in my mouth and I pulled him harder against me, he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, he pulled away to look at me.
“Let’s go home” he said.
I just nodded as he carried me out of the water. He lent down and grabbed my dress and his shirt and continued back to his house. When we reached the house Gil wasn’t there.
“Where is your Dad?” I asked.
“He doesn’t come home on Fridays” he said “He stays with a friend because he goes fishing”
I shivered and he carried me through the house to his room, he shut the door behind him and lay me gently down on his bed, he climbed on next to me and placed a hand on either side of my face, he lent down to kiss me again, he encircled his arms around me until we were side by side again, his hands ran down my bare back, down my thigh and stopped at my calf, he hitched my leg up around his waist, I gasped.
“Amy” he whispered “I love you”

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finally! i read all the parts and girl you're so talented! write more please! :)
wow that was really romantic, taylor is so hot
cant wait for more, your a really good writter!
OMG! This is getting so good!

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