I sat there staring out into the crisp morning, cool fingers brushed against my neck; I flinched and jumped out of the bed. Jackson sat there frozen his hand still in the same position as if it were still against my skin.
“I’m sorry Amy” he whispered “about Taylor”
I stared at him, and my heart began to flutter, than horror overcame me. I was just kissing him and telling him I loved him, a memory flooded to my mind, me and Taylor, doing the same thing. It hit me then I was a two timing idiot. My head snapped up.
“I have to go” I whispered, Jackson looked at me, concern on his angelic face “don’t follow me”
I turned and sprinted out the door; I ran down the hallway and flew down the stairs. I almost ran into Ashley at the bottom.
“Hey!” she squealed “you look so much better, I’m so happy to see tha-“
I shrugged past her and continued to sprint out of the house.
“Amy?” I heard Ashley call as I ran out the door.
I continued out the door and down the porch steps into the small meadow that surrounded the Brandon’s house, the grass swayed softly in the breeze, I could feel the rain falling softly on my skin, the wind was chilling against my bare arms, the shorts and tank top Ashley must have put on me, were not good cover against the cold weather. I continued to run, I realised then that I didn’t have my car, I didn’t care I ran, just ran, away from the horror that had overcome me, the horror and disgust for myself and my actions. All these little things that were causing so much pain to the ones I loved. My bare feet hit the road that twisted and turned through the forest to lead up to the big house, I ran down their long driveway, ignoring the sting as sharp rocks dug into my feet. The burn began in my legs began as I reached the finish of the endless driveway. The road met the driveway and I began to run down it, towards my home, the long run before me was only the beginning of the punishments that I deserved for what I had done. The rain began to fall heavily, to pour down on me, the droplets falling strongly on my skin; I could feel the water drench my hair, my wet clothes stuck to my freezing skin. I continued to run down the road.
As I began to near the edge of town, ignoring the exhaustion, I sped up, the rain was still pouring down on me, as were the tears which now ran down my face as well as the rain. The buildings were still a fair distance away.
“Amy?” a voice called out in confusion.
I ignored it and kept running I didn’t want to listen, to stop. I could hear footsteps speeding up behind me, getting louder as they neared me. A warm hand grabbed my arm and spun me around. Taylor stood there shock on his face.
“What the hell are you doing?” he asked.
I shrugged his arm off.
“Don’t touch me” I whispered “I have to get away, I was horrible to you and Jackson, I don’t deserve either of you”
I turned and continued to sprint down the street; Taylor grabbed me around the waist. I struggled against him and tried to pull away, feeling his arms around me only made the guilt stronger.
“Amy” he whispered “I don’t care if you hurt me, I love you and I need you no matter what it takes”
“What about this morning?” I asked.
He stared at me, conflict in his eyes.
“It doesn’t matter anymore, I can’t live without you” he whispered.
I stared at him, he pulled my face to his then, his hands pulled me firmly against him, and I reached up and twined my hands in his hair and pulled him closer, his hands were warm against my cold skin, the rain still poured heavily on us both. His lips moved against mine and the tears streamed down my face. He clutched at my waist, pulling me harder against him. I pulled away then; he was reluctant to let me go. I stared at him.
“Goodbye Taylor” I whispered.
He looked at me sadness in his eyes, I pulled away his hands slid off my waist as I turned and continued to run down the long road, the tears streaming more dramatically down my face, my breath hitched in my throat. As I ran an agonising howl rang all around me.
Goodbye Taylor I thought Goodbye Jackson

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awww this was really good.
she neeeds to go back to jackson!! :L
keeeeep it up!
Aw! That was SO sad! I need to know what happens next!
awwwwww thats sooooo sad :( but it was rly good waitin 4 more
awwww! that was so sad :(
i feel so sorry for taylor,and jackson
yuor doing good keep it up girl! :)
plz write more i beg of you

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