Finally my house came into view and as soon as I felt the soft grass of my front lawn tickle my feet, I collapsed, broken, ragged sobs ripped through my chest, as the tears streamed down my ice cold cheeks. I was numb inside and out, from the rain and the pain.
“Amy!” a worried voice called out.
I heard footsteps come closer and then a pair of arms wrapped around me and helped me to my feet, I looked up and met an anxious pair of green eyes staring down at me. Dad. He pulled me towards the house and I stumbled along beside him. He helped me up the front porch steps and through the front door before sitting me down on the couch and wrapping an arm around my shoulders.
“Amy” he whispered “what happened?”
I didn’t know what to say, it was so complicated and I didn’t know if he wanted to hear my long dreary story.
“It’s...complicated” I said.
He didn’t respond so I turned to look up at him, his face made me feel safe and protected.
“I’m sure I will understand I was young once too” he said as he reached out and tucked my hair behind my ear.
I spent the next while explaining to him about what had happened, about Taylor and Jackson and how I loved them both, leaving out the mythical side of it. Once I had finished, he was silent for a while.
“Amy” he said reassuringly.
I looked up at him.
“Everything will be alright, you’ll figure it out” he said.
Great I thought. Now everything was up to me. I stood up shrugging his arm off my shoulder.
“I’m going to shower” I said glumly.
I dragged my weary legs and bleeding feet up the stairs towards the bathroom. The hot water was comforting, it unlocked my strained muscles and washed the blood away from the deep cuts in my feet, the stinging I saw as another punishment for what I had done. I stepped out onto the now warm tiles of the bathroom and wrapped my towel around me before blow drying my hair until it was impeccably straight. Once I put the hair dryer down I stared at my face in the mirror. My eyes were red and puffy from crying and my face was pale. I turned away not wanting to look anymore. Once in my room I slid on my grey dress, with twisted straps which came in at my waist and then flowed down to rest just above my knees. There was a knock on my door. I turned and padded slowly to the door and swung it open in front of me. It was my mom in a green silk dress.
“I heard what happened” she said.
She reached out and pulled me toward her and wrapped her arms around me comforting. I returned the hug. She pulled away to look at me.
“Well I have something that might cheer you up; one of our family friends is coming over from Florida! They’re here for the semester.” She said.
I looked at her confused.
“They’re coming for dinner tonight” she prompted “you look nice though, they’ll be her in ten minutes so be ready”
I looked down at the floor.
“Mom I’m not in the mood for family dinners” I said.
“Honey, it’s nothing big just some friends, three of them okay” she encouraged.
I nodded and she turned and walked away. I sighed; well if someone was coming I shouldn’t look this bad. I pulled some strands of hair back like Ashley Greene on the Bonnie Hunt show, put on some mascara and slipped on some sandals. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was presentable now, but my black bra was showing above my dress line. I pulled up the dress to hide it. The doorbell rang then. I turned and walked down the hall, as I reached the top of the stairs my Dad called out.
“Stephen” he bellowed.
“Dave” Stephen called out.
Stephen? I thought who was Stephen? Then my mom said another name as I walked down the stairs.
“Celine” she said.
I didn’t hear a response because I gasped. Stephen and Celine that would mean...!
I had just reached the bottom when the thought hit me, I looked up and froze. A boy, a familiar boy with blond hair, his side fringe brushed to the side, well built figure and skin the same paleness as mine, stared at me with gold eyes, I could hear his heart beat and mine as it skipped a beat as we met each other’s gaze.
“Jace” I whispered.

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ooooo. jacee :D

this was really gooood.
i hope she picks jackson though!!!
:) xxxx
oh man! who's Jace?
oh not its gonna be a love square now well i think it will be ,.. amazing story xox
who's jace wats gonna happen tell me plz NOW
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