I couldn’t speak, I was in shock, I could feel my parents gaze on my face, but I continued to stare into Jace’s eyes until he broke into a breath taking smile.
“Amy” he said.
He walked towards me and wrapped his arms around me in a welcoming hug. I couldn’t move at first then I gently rested my hands against his back.
“I missed you” he whispered in my ear, his warm breath tickled my skin and made me shiver.
I pulled away and walked past everyone into the dining room and sat down, I could feel them following behind me. I sat down and stared at my plate, I heard chairs slide against the ground, the chair next to me scraped along the ground and someone sat down next to me, I caught a glint of gold hair so I knew it was Jace. The dinner continued around me, everyone was talking and laughing and enjoying the food mom had prepared. Me? I sat and pushed my food around my plate not moving my gaze from the table.
“So Amy” Stephen asked “Do you like it here in Portland?”
I looked up and everyone was looking at me.
“Um, it’s ok” I said and continued to gaze at the table.
It was quiet then before my dad started talking again. As I pushed my food around my plate I felt someone’s leg push against mine under the table, I jumped and looked up to meet Jace’s gaze. I jumped up from the table and everyone fell silent and stared at me, confusion on their faces.
“Excuse me” I said.
I spun and walked quickly out of the room and up the stairs and into my room. I fell down onto my bed and stared up at the roof in the dark. There was a soft knock on the door, it opened slightly and I closed my eyes, I heard the door open and light spilled in and then disappeared as it closed again. I opened my eyes and saw Jace standing at the door; his hair had turned silver in the moonlight.
“Hey” he whispered.
I sat up and leaned against my pillows. I stared at him. He came and sat down on the edge of my bed. He looked down at the bed sheet.
“Amy” he whispered “I know that this is weird but I have to tell you this, I know you may have moved on but...what we had, back in Florida...I love you. I still love you like I used to, like you used to love me and...”
He cut off suddenly and leapt of the bed to stand in front of the window. He looked lost like he did when he watched me get on the plane to come to Portland. I got up and stood next to him, I placed my hand on his arm.
“Jace, I’m not really a good person to love right now. I have failed in so many relationships. I’m not god for you” or Taylor or Jackson “you deserve better”
He turned and touched my face gently with his fingers.
“I don’t want anyone but you” he whispered.
I looked up at him, he stared down into my eyes, he then began to incline his head towards me. I looked down.
“Jace I can’t...I’m sorry” I whispered.
He let go of my face.
“It’s ok, all I want if I can’t have you is to go to a new school with someone I know, a friend” he said.
I laughed and looked up at him.
“That I can do” I said.
He smiled.
“I’ll see you on Monday” he said and walked out of my room, I heard him walk down the stairs.
A little while later I heard them leave, by that time I was lying in bed on the verge of sleep. I lay awake until my parents were both asleep and jumped out of bed grabbed my coat and retreated down the stairs and out the door. The cool night air hit me as soon as the door opened, I walked out onto the lawn and sat down on the grass, I needed to clear my head. I closed my eyes and breathed in the crisp air.
“Hey” a honey sweet voice whispered.
I jumped and looked up to see topaz eyes staring down at me.
“Jackson” I whispered.

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awww this was so gooood!
good ol' jackson coming over :D
write more.
you are an amaze writerr ;D
I love this storyy!! (:
please please please write another chapter (: . .
. . . . when you have time!! :DD
omg this is great i love it !!! keeping writing
This is getting SO good!
That was rly good
plz write another
i luv this story :)

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