To Start Off:

My 2 Fave's are-

a) When Billy gives Bella the 'Sex Talk' in Eclipse I giggled like mad 'cuz I had this thought in my head that Edward MAY just be listening in LOLOL .


b) When Bella has just been turned into a Vamp and has her 'first' convo with Jacob she says something along the lines of:

"Now I know what all the fuss is about, Jeez you stink Jacob!" LMAO-I absolutely cracked up! :D

so come on guy's which part had you splitting at the seams?


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My favs has to be....

Eclipse: was when Bella puched Jacob square in the face and she says : "You broke my Hand" and Jacobs like "Bella you broke your own hand" so Funny.

Breaking Dawn: When Jacob says I Felt Like- Like I don't Know What. Like This Wasn't Real. Like I was in some Goth version of a bad sitcom. Instead of Being the A/V Dweeb about to ask the head cheerleader to the prom, I was the finished second place werewolf about to ask the vampire's wife to shack up and procreate...NICE!!....I deffinately Laughed my ass off.
i loveed all of jacobs cracks in breaking dawn like
'''s not so hard to erace a blonds memory. just blow in her ear.'' and ''how do you drown a blond? tape a mirror to the bottem of the pool.'' and ''what do you call a smart blond? a golden retreaver''ect.
and i also love the part with emmet and bella arm wrestling qnd the jokjes he made.
I love the humour that Emmett and Jacob bring to the books!!!!!!
"i am so glad that Edward didn't kill you, it's so much fun with you around" Emmett-Bella
"Why is Bella the only one allowed to fight with werewolve's"Emmett-Edward
The snide remarks Jacob says in his mind that Edward hears........
Just the opposite- they were probably having a tough time not ripping the cup away from her!! Edward rolls his eyes.
Jeez, how did any one stand living with him? It was really too bad he couldn't hear Bella's thoughts. Then he'd annoy the crap out of her, too, and she'd get tired of him. Edward chuckles
When Jacob threw the dish at Rosalie's head-
"You got food in my hair" Rosalie to Jacob lmao
Eclips had some FUNNY parts. I realy liked the part when Jacob kissed Bella in front of his house and then she punched him and broke her hand. And when she was on the phone with Edward and she told him Jacob kissed her and all you could hear was the engin geting faster MAN THAT WAS FUNNY.Pretty much from there to the part when they got to Carlisle people were looking at me weird in class because i was laughing so hard.
Near the end when Charlie was talkin about how Jacob was and how he was cussin and how in between using the Lords name in vain and insulting someones mother he made fun of him.Then when bella went to see him herself he was like "he didnt get mad? at all? DAMNIT! DAMNIT ALL!"
Then in breaking dawn all the jokes Jacob said to Rosalie about her blond-ness.
''You know i told you so has a brother Jacob. His name is shut the hell up".
Chapter 15 when Rose made Jacob dinner in a dog dish with fido written on it. Then a little later when Edward was about to attack her and Jake said let me and tosed the bowl at her then she got mad and was like ''You. Got. Food. In. My. Hair.'' then Jake called her a Dumb Blonde then started crakin up.
The part when Bella said ''you named my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster'' That whole part.
What was realyfunny was the part when Emmet was making fun of Bella about her sex life and he was like " its about time somebody scored around here." And the of course the arm wrtestling match and the things said.Funny.
Im laughing right now just thinking about them. LOL
The whole scene in the tent in Eclipse, especially when Jacob jumps in the sleeping bag with Bella and keeps making comments to Edward i laughed my way through most of Eclipse, It seemed to have a dry and siarcastic sense of humour which I love (well I am a Brit and we love all dry humour supposedly) i think one of the lines from Edward was you know I wish i could be doing what you are for her.
ok i think mines "does my being HALF-NAKED bother u?" ~jake~ il THT 1
I love the parts in Eclipse where she first gets home from helping Angela and tells Charlie she went down to La Push and seen Jacob and she knows Edward is going to be in her room when she tells her dad she is going to go study and Charlie says see you later and Bella thinks to her self if i survive and then when she gets up in her room and she sees Edward there and she tells Edward.I don't care who is a Werewolf and whos a Vampier.If Angela turns out to be a Witch,she can join the party too.

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