Twilight is about romance, is about passion and action but it's also a lot of FUN !
I had so many laughs in my bed with some words of the book
So if you wanna add your favorites here it'd be great !

Penguins. Lovely.” Edward, Eclipse

"Amazing, How can someone so tiny be so annoying?" Edward, Eclipse

"Next time you want to hit me, use a baseball bat or a crowbar, okay?" Jacob, Eclipse

“I’m really glad Edward didn’t kill you. Everything’s so much more fun with you around.”
— Emmett Cullen

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"Oh, c'mon," I said, an edge of hysteria in my voice. "I'm only eighteen."
"Well, I'm nearly a hundred and ten. It's time I settled down."
-Edward and Bella, New Moon (not 100% shure...)

Edward: 'How can someone so tiny be so annoying?'
Alice: 'It's a talent.'
-Edward and Alice, Eclipse

"Fall down again, Bella?"
"No, Emmet. I punched a werewolf in the face."
-Emmet and Bella, Eclipse
bella:how long have u been 17??
edward:awhile! :) -Twilight
bella: okay how dumb do i look?
edward: no you eclipse
One more:
"I’d thought Jake had been healing the h*** in me—or at least plugging it up, keeping it from hurting me so much. I’d been wrong. He’d just been carving out his own h***, so that I was now riddled through like Swiss cheese. I wondered why I didn’t crumble into pieces."
-Bella, New Moon
"You could have called us"- Edward
"Sorry; I dont have leeches on speed dial"-Jacob
Edward: (To Jacob after Jacob shows up at Forks High early one morning before school.) This is hardly the place Jacob. Could we discuss this later?
Jacob: Sure, sure. I'll stop by your crypt after school.

Bella: So why exactly did you decide to ruin Esme's pillows?
Edward: I don't know if I decided to do anything last night.
-Breaking Dawn
Bella: I know how strong you are, you don't have to break the furniture.
Ok, i've read the books in French so here is an approximate translation of the characters dialogues. Correct me if it sounds weird to English speaking readers. Txs.

Edward : What did u expect, coffins, dungeons and moats?
Bella : No, not the moats?

Edward : You scent is a blend of lavender and's very appetizing.
Bella : Of course.That's what I'm told everyday.
Txs guys, these are nice ones to remember :D
"life sucks. and then you die. yeah i should be so lucky" -jacob, breaking dawn
Jacob: "you could be wamer if we had a clothes off"
Bella: "eww"
Edward: "Jacob back off"

bella, jacob and edward -eclipse
not sure if right but if so sorry
Yeah, i love this moment ! So sarcastic. I <3 it !

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