Your always gone
Your never home
And this makes me feel
All alone
You come and go
But I always know
You will come back and stay
The lonlyness
Isn't so bad
Some people wonder and think
Can you only be lonely when your on the brink
Yet I feel alone and I take that
Time to
The world is spinning faster and faster
With each second flying by
Yet for me time stands still
And drags on
Each miserable moment that's passing on
Reality hits and I must keep upwith this fast pace
And it never seems to stay the same
Some moan and cry
And want to die
I keep these emotions locked inside
I hide the key behind my sole
And try to live life like a mole
Under radar
Somewhere where I can hear no sound
From this crazy life that we live in
Embarressment and happiness are an equal synonym
They point and laugh and critisize
And beat the victim down to size
So small that they feel like an ant
But they are not at all like that
We are just outcasts,
On empty roads
We are runners in a distance
Keeping up with this fast pace
The others try to pull you into their lane
But I just want to stay in my same
Floating there alone
Letting time pass by
Emotions come and go
And so do you
And I will follow
Like a ghost should do
Like it should be

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